Does the mattress hold up against an ext premium memory foam mattresses, though? We’ve extended the main attributes of the Zeopedic mattress in this review.


The Zeopedic mattress is a 10-inch high memory foam mattress infused through cooling gel to carry out a comfortable, donate sleep surface that relieves push points and also feels cool to the touch. If you want a budget-friendly storage foam mattress maybe for a guest room, however, the Zeopedic mattress offers wonderful value because that money for what friend get.

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The 10-inch Zeopedic memory Foam Mattress is right for anyone shopping because that a memory foam mattress ~ above a budget. Delivered as a bed-in-a-box for easy transportation, this mattress offers complete convenience at a low cost.

The Zeopedic mattress is a 10-inch high storage foam mattress infused v cooling gel to administer a comfortable, supportive sleep surface ar that relieves push points and feels cool to the touch.

This bed-in-a-box is the can be fried cheap and also convenient mattresses, request very little setup and retailing at a really budget-friendly price.

3 factors to pick the Zeopedic Mattress:

You’re on a budget: among the biggest draws the the Zeopedic mattress is, without a doubt, the budget-friendly price. If girlfriend are searching for a memory foam mattress there is no the premium price tag, the Zeopedic mattress is a strong contender in the discount mattress market. You want a quick and also easy setup: The Zeopedic mattress is ceded in a crate for straightforward transportation as soon as delivered. You just need to take it it the end of the box and the mattress will expand to its full size ~ above its own for a rapid setup. You want a memory foam mattress however sleep hot: While the Zeopedic may still cause you to overheat if girlfriend live in a particularly warm climate, the gel-infused storage foam layer and also ventilated networks do help to carry out consistent airflow through the mattress, because that a cooler resting environment.


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The Zeopedic is constructed from two layers of storage foam, which space then topped by a covering that have the right to conveniently it is in zipped turn off and device washed because that an much easier solution to keeping your mattress covering clean, fresh, and hygienic.

The top memory foam layer consists of three inches that gel-infused storage foam. This great is created from gel-infused pearl beads, which feel cool come the touch and also are designed to assist wick excess warmth away indigenous the body for a cooler sleeping temperature. This top layer of storage foam is also designed come relieve push points together you sleep – although part customer reviews suggest that this class may reason sleepers ~ above the more heavier side come sink right into the bed also much.

The bottom layer of the Zeopedic mattress is 7 inch of high-density base foam, designed to stabilise the mattress to administer a flat and also supportive surface.

The Zeopedic mattress additionally boasts ventilated channels throughout the storage foam layers to enable an ext air to flow through the mattress because that a cooler sleep environment and it additionally has one anti-skid bottom to ensure your mattress remains in place on her bed frame.

The mattress is design for usage on a selection of frames and can be provided with a crate spring, platform bed, or a stole foundation.

Firmness & Support

The Zeopedic mattress is rated at a 5 come 6 top top the firmness scale and is labelled as a Medium-Firm mattress. This firmness level often tends to be appropriate for any kind of sleep preference, although ago and stomach sleepers who favor a very firm surface may uncover the mattress a tiny too soft.

Zeopedic cases that the mattress provides the perfect balance that comfort and support, however some evaluate report that the storage foam layers reason plus-size sleepers to sink in too much. The mattress may, therefore, be ideal suited to little and average-sized sleepers.

Temperature Regulation

Zeopedic resolve body temperature regulation in two ways: v a gel-infused memory foam layer and ventilated channels throughout the mattress.

The gel-infused pearl beads the are discovered in the height memory foam layer room designed to administer a cooler sleep surface and wick excess heat away indigenous the body, if the ventilated channels assist air to circulation through the mattress easier.

These attributes mean the mattress will sleep cool for most people, yet it might still reason sleepers to overheat if you live in a warmer climate or tend to sleep an extremely hot.

Eco-Friendliness & Offgassing

The Zeopedic mattress is do from polyurethane foam, which will typically have an off-gassing smell when very first unboxed, so you might need to wait a couple of days for your mattress to fully expand till you use it.

Zeopedic is CertiPUR-US and Oeko-TEX certified, however, which assures no ozone depleters or harmful fabrics and substances are provided in the manufacturing procedure of the foam.


Price is wherein the Zeopedic mattress really stands out against other storage foam mattresses. This storage foam mattress retails between $239 – $599, relying on what size you go for, offering fantastic value because that money for a memory foam mattress.

While this mattress may not be as long lasting or long-lasting as a premium memory foam mattress, you are still acquiring the support and comfort of storage foam in ~ a discount price.

Sleep Trial period & vouch Information

The Zeopedic mattress no come with a sleep psychological period, so, unfortunately, girlfriend won’t have the opportunity to test her mattress before making a decision.

This mattress does, however, come with a 10-year limited warranty the starts indigenous the date of delivery.

Final Verdict

The Zeopedic storage foam mattress has actually some strong points in the it is a cooling, supportive storage foam mattress easily accessible at serious discounted prices.

That gift said, you do pay because that the high quality you get, and user reviews do imply that this mattress is not as long lasting as a an ext premium memory foam mattress and also will not offer the same level the contouring support.

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You spend a large portion of her life in bed, therefore if girlfriend are in search of a supportive memory foam mattress to relax pressure and leave you emotion refreshed, you might want to invest in a greater quality product. If you want a budget-friendly memory foam mattress possibly for a guest room, however, the Zeopedic mattress offers great value because that money because that what girlfriend get.