Driving follow me Hwy 49 come Charlotte one day, i was attracted in come a catchy track on the radio that I’d never heard before. For this reason I focused in to listen to the words.

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I never met you, however I understand you’re the end there If ns cross the oceans, would you it is in there?

A stranger’s eyes the somehow watch familiar I understand that as soon as it’s you, I’ll remember Remember

therefore wait because that me, ns swear I’ll uncover you rise every wall that hides you I recognize we were intended for something better for this reason wait for me, the civilization is changing Underneath, the ground is shaking You and I were meant for other better Better, oh


A glance under at the broadcast info on mine radio said me it was by Audien with Lady Antebellum. What really struck me was the heat “You and I were expected for miscellaneous better”. After i looked increase the lyrics once I gained home, i realized the I absolutely agree v them yet not in the way that they supposed this phrase.

Since I’ve been leading a bible study ~ above Hebrews this fall, together I listened to the song, mine mind easily went to that book of the holy bible where the word “better” is provided 13 times. In a way, the writer sums increase a lot of his allude of the book when he states in Hebrews 11:40 “God had listed something far better for us”.

The book of Hebrews was, that course, written to a team of believer who had actually been Jews before coming to recognize and embrace the gospel. They are undergoing persecution (and no for the first time) and apparently space tempted come quit which for them way going earlier to Judaism. So the writer lays the end a masterful discussion showing exactly how Jesus is “better” than anything in the Old Testament and also how, ultimately, the brand-new Covenant is much better than the Old Covenant. In Jesus, God has provided “something better” because that us. The author urges them come persevere, to no go ago to what is easy and also miss what is “better” in the process.

“You and also I were intended for miscellaneous better” sings Audien and also Lady Antebellum. Ns think this expression resonates therefore strongly through us for a pair of reasons. One is that, deep within of us, we recognize there is miscellaneous better. We were literally developed for that. People were originally made for Paradise but, due to the fact that of sin, we all live in a fallen people which pipeline us discovering inside that something no right and wanting “something better”. Those of us who understand Christ will eventually fully experience that when we space in sky – what us were yes, really made for.

Another factor I think the phrase strikes us deeply is due to the fact that there are times in life once we space stuck v something the isn’t what we hoped it would certainly be. Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s a job. Probably it’s our social life. So we remind oneself that us were meant for “better” to motivate us to go uncover it and also not settle for less.

“You and also I were expected for other better.” as Christians i think that a great reminder. Think of all that Jesus has listed for us. Grace. Forgiveness. Peace. Joy. Transformation. Direct accessibility to God. Freedom. And so much more.And yet, so numerous times ns settle for less. because that example:

I refuse to pardon myself for sin once I’ve currently been forgiven due to the fact that of Christ.I tension out and worry instead of trusting Him and experiencing His peace that surpasses understanding.I criticize myself for no meeting my standards rather of offering myself grace as soon as I fail.I offer up hope of ever transforming when He has made me a new creation and given me His divine Spirit.I miss out on out top top the pleasure of serving Him since I nothing think that can ever before use me when He has already prepared good works beforehand for me to do.I burden myself through legalism instead of enjoy it my freedom and acceptance in Christ.

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Jesus died to give me far better than that! We are “meant because that something better”. Very sewing God has provided all of that – both below on earth and also for forever – through Christ. Ns don’t want to let fear or doubt or discouragement or hopelessness or lack of faith cause me to miss out. I don’t want to settle for less than all God has provided for me. Rather I want to take host of the by belief day through day, minute by moment.