AT&T stadion in Arlington, Texas, was claimed to organize the best WrestleMania of every time. Injuries then compelled WWE to transition its to plan again and again. Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, john Cena and also Randy Orton are amongst those can not to compete in the ring in ~ the marquee event thanks to concussions, torn ACLs and damaged joints.

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Don"t doubt the strength of the WrestleMania brand, though. And also don"t i disbanded the overwhelming of hungry performers looking to create their own heritages at The present of Shows.

Dean Ambrose will certainly flourish, victory or lose, against Brock Lesnar in a savage showdown filled with weaponry. AJ Styles and Kevin Owens space both collection to do their WrestleMania debuts, all set to display the civilization that lock belong top top this grand stage. And also Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch will provide women"s wrestles a shooting of adrenaline in their critical title match. 

Sasha Banks, Charlotte and also Becky Lynch space poised to make their note on WrestleMania history.Credit:

Plus, WWE will undoubtedly have actually a number of surprises to litter the audience"s way. The Rock appearing in some fashion won"t hurt.

Among the ways WrestleMania might thrill the audience is through bringing back an injured star in a match he won 2 years ago.

Potential Spoilers

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There will certainly be some unanticipated names in the Andre the Giant battle Royal, but the most intriguing plausible one is a return Cesaro.

After experience shoulder surgical procedure in November, The King of Swing could be poised to do a comeback. According come the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Geno Mrosko of Cageside Seats), there has gone to least some talk of having Cesaro get in the match as a surprised entrant.

And to more stir increase speculation, Cesaro was spotted in an plane en route to Dallas, as provided by Ryan Satin of agree Wrestling Sheet.

Pro Wrestling sheet

Cesaro Spotted En course To WrestleMania Without eight In A Sling:

The fight Royal should additionally feature The Wyatt Family, who have actually yet to it is in officially booked because that a point out on the WrestleMania card. Braun Strowman, when the presume favorite, might not be in line for a win any kind of longer. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc.) reported the officials may have adjusted their minds around pushing Strowman. The is no longer certain that the big man comes away the victor in ~ the Andre the huge Memorial fight Royal. To plan are supposedly in the air.

It looks favor folks can expect other memorable in the Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker match. Paul fontain reported for F4WOnline:

There to be a major stunt being functioned on and practiced yesterday afternoon. Given that Shane McMahon has declared in interviews that he will usage his body as a weapon, that us all recognize what that is qualified of doing, and that they had actually aired a bunch of video packages of the falling turn off high things, most most likely it will certainly be because that the Hell in a cell match. As of yesterday, plans topic to change, the Cell complement was walk on last.

Stunts have actually been McMahon"s M.O. In the past, however many wonder if he would certainly still go for damaged at 46 year old. And Triple H vs. Roman inn Reigns seemed destined to it is in the true main event. That may not it is in the case.

Sasha Banks, meanwhile, might be gaining some assist from her cousin together she makes her method to the ring.

When request in a Rolling Stone interview why us haven"t checked out Snoop Dogg perform during one of she entrances, financial institutions said, "Maybe you have to watch WrestleMania and you could see it, you never know!" The reality that the rapper will be inducted into the WWE hall of reputation on Saturday just makes this a more secure bet of actually happening.

Triple H offered a hints of what his very own entrance might look like. In one interview through Denny Burkholder that CBS Sports, Triple H said, "I"ve placed a lot of thought into , and it"s...The Authority will be there in full force, let"s simply say that."

Match Card

Andre the giant Memorial battle RoyalKalisto vs. Ryback (United says Championship)The complete Divas vs. B.A.D. & BlondeThe Usos vs. The Dudley BoyzKevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara (ladder enhance for Intercontinental Championship)The new Day vs. Organization of NationsAJ styles vs. Kris JerichoCharlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha financial institutions (Divas Championship)Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar (No stop Barred Street Fight)Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)Triple H vs. Roman inn Reigns (WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship)

Quick Predictions

Braun Strowman wins battle Royal.Kalisto end Ryback.The complete Divas over B.A.D. & Blonde.The Usos over The Dudley BoyzOwens maintain the IC title.The brand-new Day over league of Nations.Styles over Jericho.Banks over Lynch and also Charlotte.Lesnar over Ambrose.McMahon over Undertaker.Reigns end Triple H.


Andre the Giant fight Royal

Strowman"s push has slowed, however with couple of other viable options as winners, it"s for sure to gambling on The Wyatt Family"s residents giant.

The social Outcasts have been central to the match"s build, but it would be a stunner if the team came the end on top. Kane and large Show have actually been spotlighted often, too. There"s the chance that WWE see this together a opportunity to salute Kane because that his longevity.

But if WWE has large plans ahead because that Strowman, obtaining him the win right here would be a an important boost.

United claims Championship

The emphasis ahead that WrestleMania has actually been on Kalisto. Lot of the story the this rivalry has actually been around The King of flight overcoming the odds, being the next great underdog.

With that in mind, it looks as if WWE is trying come turn him into the following Rey Mysterio. A babyface who can lug in the Latino market and also excite kids via his colorful gear is a significant asset.

Expect WWE to proceed to showcase Kalisto because that those reasons. Giving him a big win versus The huge Guy will act together his crowning achievement thus far.

10-Diva tag Match

Keep your expectations short here. This promises to it is in a mess, as it is as well crowded a complement without sufficient narrative foundation.

This is the get-everyone-on-the-card complement for the women"s division.

WWE WrestleMania

NatalieEvaMarie joins Team #TotalDivas vs. #TeamBADandBlonde ~ above the
WrestleMania Kickoff in ~ 6/5c!

The Dudley Boyz"s duty since returning has actually been to elevate the next generation. They have lost to The brand-new Day and The Wyatt family in recent feuds. That pattern will proceed here.

The Usos will lastly get your hands top top the underhanded heels and also smash them with a table (The Dudley Boyz"s trademark weapon) in a little of poetic justice.

IC title Ladder Match

Last year, WWE looked to kick-start the Intercontinental Championship by having actually the lovely Daniel Bryan win it. This time out, look because that Owens come retain and also for that to be a featured star moving forward.

WWE has to recognize the one-of-a-kind talent it has in Owens. Obtaining him a signature win and enabling him to extend his title power is the following step in his ascension. 

Tag Team Handicap Match

The new Day is in the middle of a change to babyface status. The trio has stopped violation the crowd, instead turning its fist to Sheamus and also the remainder of The organization of Nations.

Scoring the victory here, by means of triumphing despite some cheating, will aid complete the face turn. One arena complete of chanting fans who dance along with The brand-new Day is most likely the image WWE wants to finish this one.

With such tiny chemistry in between the teams, though, the enntrance gate may end up being the highlight. Scott Fishman the the Miami Herald has high hopes for it:

Scott Fishman

I'm so excited for new Day's #WrestleMania entrance. Rusev gained a tank last year. I intend unicorns and rainbows. Glorious. #WWE #Raw

Look because that The new Day"s method to the ring to rival Rusev"s stellar entrance last year.

Styles vs. Jericho IV

This needs to be a layouts win.

Why else have actually The Phenomenal One tangle through Jericho every this time if that doesn"t result in a signature victory to catapult the newcomer? A hard-fought victory against the future room of Famer will perform wonders because that Styles early on in his WWE run.

A lose knocks him down to a lower tier, signaling to the audience the Jericho"s insurance claims that styles is simply not that good were true all along.


JERICHO: you want styles vs. Jericho in ~
WrestleMania? YOU acquired IT! #RAW

This will certainly be one exciting, fast-paced match. Their previous encounters have been simply that. Include the size of WrestleMania, and also expect even bigger points from these two. 

Divas Championship

This will be a memorable, momentous bout. It will be a transforming point for the women"s division, the finest showcase that women"s wrestling in WWE (outside the NXT) in a long while. 

Banks winning would certainly elevate the match. It would add the strength of a celebration and also crown a new top dog in the division, making use of WrestleMania together a launching point for The Boss.

Regardless of the result, though, it promises to be one of the top bouts the the night. Banks thinks so. She told Kenny Herzog the Rolling Stone, "I in reality look in ~ the card and also I go, "Wow, yes, I"m definitely gonna steal the show.""

Beast versus Lunatic

Ambrose vs. Lesnar will be in direct competition through the women"s Triple danger for the ideal match that the night. 

The chemistry in between them has been tremendous. The pre-bout narrative is one of the strongest on the WrestleMania card. Pit two top-flight performers versus each various other with all that build, include the usage of weapons, and also WWE is guaranteed something special.

It makes plenty of sense to allow Ambrose win here, but that isn"t how WWE has booked him. Ambrose simply barely shed to Seth Rollins in the past. That was secs away from beating both Lesnar and Roman Reigns in ~ Fastlane. And it looked as if he had actually pinned Triple H in ~ Roadblock.

The insane Fringe will certainly again thrill with near-falls, however it"s much more likely the WWE has actually lofty plans because that Lesnar. So intend him come feast ~ above Ambrose in the end.

Hell in a Cell

Stipulations pass through Undertaker vs. Shane-O-Mac.

If Undertaker loses, it will be his last WrestleMania. If Shane wins, he seizes control of raw from his father. The Hell in a Cell facet opens the door for every sorts of chaos on optimal of that.

It will certainly be more intriguing moving right into the post-WrestleMania component of the calendar through Shane in charge. A victory by The Deadman keeps things at condition quo. Counting on run-ins and overbooking causing a surprised Shane win.

And this two may not carry out a great overall rings match, yet the bout will certainly be significant by a variety of jaw-dropping spots. As"s David Shoemaker wrote, "With the history between The Undertaker and also Shane McMahon—and the gaping feet in the roster they"re walking to try to comprise for—it"s safe to i think they"ll try something amazing and also accept the injuries the come v it."

The main Event

Reigns win is the safest prediction on the entire WrestleMania card. WWE has spent more than a year building up The large Dog as a top star. He has been chasing the title and also Triple H for too long to fail.

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And the firm has made that clear that it desires Reigns as a feature player, also with pan rejecting the idea. Instead of transforming plans of a Reigns rise, counting on WWE transforming him heel. 

Having Triple H and also Reigns switch roles would be a instance of smart timing, specifically if Shane knocks The Authority the end of power. Jim Ross was ideal on as soon as he wrote top top his blog, "The setup is perfect for a twin turn, etc. Consisting of Mr. McMahon involvement."

Expect WWE to exploit the negative reaction come Reigns and make the a monstrous villain, even if that way using an assault on The Rock together a springboard to the end. 

The twisted WWE supplies with this bout and others will certainly leave the crowd stunned. The all-out initiatives by the roster to leave a lasting impression will leave fans plenty satisfied.

WrestleMania 32 will certainly make sure it"s no remembered as the everybody-was-injured edition of the event but the one wherein the next generation the stars announced its arrival.