Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th June 2017 composed Episode, Written upgrade on

The episode starts v Khurana threatening Naina that asks her to provide his child, rather he will light himself. Dilraj phone call guards. Guards protect against Khurana. Khurana states leave me, I will certainly not go. Guards take him. Dadi says I m scared, Khurana has nothing to lose, the is dangerous. Naina claims yes, we should go somewhere much where Rehaan couldn’t uncover us. Dadi packs the bags. Sudha looks on. Pam asks where did girlfriend go, go the humiliation not gain enough. Sudha claims we are leaving, yet Naina and also Dadi need a bye gift, the time to return the favor, girlfriend ignite fire in Harjeet’s heart that she burns everything. Sudha calls Harjeet and also says ns regret we might not become friends, Naina and also Dadi space leaving forever. Harjeet claims I have to say final good bye, Khurana walk mistake in understanding me, every little thing will be perfect today.

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Dadi asks servants to hurry up. Ira asks Dadi wherein will i go. Dadi says your husband is in jail, us don’t know around Khurana and also Harjeet, sorry. Harjeet in servant’s disguise, it s okay the gun. Naina states I locked everything, we will leave now. Khurana come there and also says offer me my child, I will not let friend leave. Naina shouts security. Harjeet point out gun at Naina and says this particular day none deserve to save you. Khurana asks what space you doing, placed gun down. Harjeet says I m foolish to leaving this chance, I will kill you three and take mine revenge, it method there i will not ~ be any kind of witness against me, headlines will be Khurana has killed his fake wife Dadi and also child, once he gained conscious, he shot himself. She laughs and also asks who desires to dice first, call me. They obtain shocked.

Harjeet gets angry. Naina claims take everything, leave my baby. Harjeet shouts enough, I will not to trust you. Khurana states fine, you trust me right, ns beg you, don’t do anything to mine son, take it my life. That holds the gun. Harjeet asks him to leave. Dadi calls police. Khurana it s okay shot. He falls down. Police comes. Harjeet gets arrested. Khurana says perhaps this had actually to happen, ns m dice by mine mum’s hand. Harjeet claims I will certainly pray you go to hell. Naina asks Dadi to speak to doctor fast. Khurana claims I have actually searched for love every life and also did not obtain love. Naina gives him Ahaan.

Khurana states Ahaan is not crying in my arms today, that knows i m walk to leaving him. The asks infant to take treatment of Naina, together he can’t get a better mum 보다 her. Lock cry. Naina states nothing will take place to you. He claims no, don’t call doctor, let me go, Ahana is phone call me, will you satisfy my last wish, I recognize you never ever loved me, this marital relationship was fake and also my love to be one sided, however I walk not perform wrong by choosing you as life partner, I have actually a critical wish, phone call me you have forgiven me.

Naina nods. Khurana falls dead. Naina and also Dadi acquire shocked. Dadi hugs Naina. Dadi sees Raghav’s pic and also says if ns did not obtain you with me, friend would have stayed happy through your sister, i failed to defend you. She tells Naina the she had every little thing hollow, genuine asset remained in Naina’s love and also morals, so she determined to get Naina home, Raghav supported her, but this would have not taken place if she go not obtain Naina in she house, it all happened due to the fact that of her greed. Naina claims if i did not gain real love, would certainly I continue to be happy, if you did not obtain Raghav in my life i would have not recognized what’s genuine love, nothing say friend did any kind of mistake, you will become my assistance now, life is long, ns can’t live alone, ours Raghav has actually gone, but we have actually a hope to live, will certainly you aid me in managing Ahaan. Dadi nods and hugs her.

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After 7 years, Dadi walk aarti, when Naina gets busy in tuitions. She speak Dadi that Ahaan play someone’s window glass again, it was an additional complaint call. Dadi asks she to go and teach girls. Naina goes to girls. The girl ask Naina come answer those love. Dadi and Naina smile. Naina says world say everything adjust with time, yet girls’ questions never change. She watch Raghav’s pic and also says he adjusted my thinking, true love is over time and also place, maybe the human is not with you, but the feel is always there, it saves us from every problem. The girl claims its scary, if I acquire someone and lose him then…..Naina watch Raghav’s pic and smiles reasoning of your moments. Har ghadi badal rahi hai…..plays…… She says you can’t shed such person, your love constantly gets in heart, lock are constantly with you and also make friend a great person, mine story was such. The girl ask her story. Naina smiles. The display screen freezes on Raghav’s pic.