when they"re largely for looks, bed skirts likewise conceal unsightly crate springs and hide items stored under the bed.

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Types of Bed Skirts

Bed skirts come in miscellaneous colors and styles, and while countless feature a flat towel panel that fits along the peak of a crate spring or a communication frame, this style can be complicated to right on beds through mattresses that are too hefty to lift. Fortunately, other types exist the are much easier to to the right on a bed.

Wrap-Around Bed Skirts

A loved one newbie to the bed dress stage, wrap-around bed skirts space designed come cover the box spring. This skirt features stretchy material and elasticized top and bottom edges the smoothly mold the cloth to the box spring. Keep in psychic that since they nicely hug package springs, lock won’t sheathe the an are under the bed. However, wrap-around skirts are obtainable in a range of colors and also will save the sides of package spring covered, adding an aspect of design.

Detachable Bed Skirts

If you have a big or heavy top mattress, a detachable bed skirt could be the ideal option for you. With this skirt, there’s no should lift the mattress every time you desire to launder the skirt. However, girlfriend may need to lift the mattress the very first time due to the fact that some detachable skirts affix to a panel that fits between the box spring and also mattress. Other species are elasticized and designed to stretch about the height of package spring, therefore no lifting is necessary.

Tailored Bed Skirts

Not a fan of ruffled bed skirts? You can want come take advantage of a tailored bed dress that features smooth, flat fabric panels. This format is elegant and classy and will feeling at home in contemporary and contemporary-style bedrooms.

Split corner Bed Skirts

A split-corner bed skirt functions two splits ~ above the skirt between the end panel and also the next panels. For this reason if the bed has actually a footboard, the user can tuck the finish skirt dashboard beneath the footboard without the towel of the next skirts pulling and bunching. The splits allow the side skirts to hang evenly follow me the sides of the bed.

Box Pleat Bed Skirts

Box pleating creates a sleek architecture element and also is completed by urgent the fabric ago and forth follow me the side and bottom panels that a bed skirt and then pushing it flat. A bed skirt may function one or an ext box pleats. If you can’t photo how one looks, think of the pleat just under the yoke on the back of a man’s dress shirt. This form of pleat is strictly for design and also will not transform the function of the bed skirt. After ~ laundering, you might need come iron this type of bed skirt to make the box pleats lie flat again.

Gathered Bed Skirts

Gathering creates vertical waves and also ruffles approximately a bed skirt that room well-suited to numerous styles the bedroom décor. The an ext fabric gathered in ~ the optimal of the bed skirt, the an ext ruffled the impact will be. Bed skirts with just slight gathering are an ideal for many bedroom decor, when skirts with lots of towel gathered at the peak will do the skirt flare outward and create a frilly effect.

What to consider When choosing the ideal Bed Skirt

Early bed skirts were functional, fashionable, and also often described as dust ruffles because they aided keep dust from collection under the bed.


The towel used to make bed skirts is less important than the towel used for bed sheets and comforters since it won’t it is in in close call with her skin. That said, some materials can still be a better choice 보다 others due to the fact that they’re much more durable and also less most likely to attract dust.

Cotton: The many popular an option for bed skirts is a 100 percent cotton or a cotton/polyester blend the will organize up to numerous washings there is no wearing out.Linen: This strong, upscale fabric, make from the flax plant, is a top choice for tailored or box-pleat bed skirts because it will hold a pressed crease. Once laundered, however, linen has tendency to wrinkle and also will most likely require ironing to gain the fabric nice and flat again.Microfiber: generally a combination of polyester and nylon, this fabric is durable, supervisor soft, and virtually wrinkle-free, going best from the dryer come the bed there is no the should iron. However, it own a slight static charge, which provides it a propensity to collection dust.Thread count: The number of stitches per square customs of towel is known as the thread count (TC). In bed skirts, subject count will typically range from 100 TC to 300 TC. The higher the thread count, the tighter the pores in the fabric. Towel with reduced thread counts and also larger pores and also are much more likely to gather dust.

Bed structure Dimensions

Most often, you can select a bed skirt by the dimension of that bed frame, such as full, queen, or king. If you discover that you’re still unsure what size your bed is, describe the adhering to measurements and also order accordingly.

Twin: 39 inches by 75 inchesFull: 54 inchesby 75 inchesQueen: 60 customs by 80 inchesKing: 78 inch by 80 inches

Drop Measurement

Another crucial measurement when picking a bed skirt is the autumn measurement. This is the street from the floor come the height of the box springs. As soon as taking this measurement, take into consideration whether you’d choose the bottom the the bed skirt to touch the floor or increase an customs or so over the floor. The an option is completely up come you, but skirts the sit a bit above the floor are much less likely to gather dust than those that touch the floor.

Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Most bed skirts come in typical colors, such as red, blue, brown, gray, etc. However, part come in patterns, including multicolor plaids, stripes, or also floral designs. Others are accessible in a textured fabric, which adds additional visual interest to the bedroom.

Ease that Cleaning

Most bed skirts are basic to clean: simply toss that in the washer ~ above the cold cycle, tumble dry on low, shake that out, and put it ago on the bed. If the bed skirt includes 100 percent linen, be ready to iron that to eliminate wrinkles before putting it back on the bed.

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Our top Picks

To qualify together a optimal Pick, a bed dress should attribute a durable cloth that won’t big or tear easily, it is in well-constructed, and also stand approximately laundering there is no fading. The best bed skirt for her bed will count on the color and also style of the bedroom’s décor and whether you want a timeless bed skirt the slips in between the box springs and also the mattress or choose one that’s less complicated to take it on and off.