Bust the end of the Wolfenstein Keep, fighting with the caves, across the bridge and taking on Rudi Jäger.

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The Nazis have actually even more to price for as William “B.J.” Blazkowicz renders his escape from castle Wolfenstein. First, he’ll need to steal a cable car, make it through the journey over, and then somehow do it throughout the leg and ago through the armed forces checkpoint. This guide will present you just how to survive the Supersoldiers, and teach you exactly how to defeat part One"s boss, Rudi Jäger.

Use her Pipes top top the vent in the roof of the elevator to open up it up, climate crawl out. From here, climb up the wall, and also into the corridor over you. There is a security here, so take him out, climate follow the path roughly to a steel walkway. Take the stairs simply ahead that you, ignoring the course to your right. Over there is one more guard to her right. Take it him out, then continue moving forward.

Escape in a Cable Car

Now you have to go up. Prior to you can escape in a cable car, you have to open increase the doors to the transit line. Keep relocating forward top top the walkway, then take the stair in the far earlier corner. As soon as you with the next level, store an eye the end for any Nazi soldiers patrolling the area, as well as the huge Supersoldier that walks around.

Your target is in the middle office top top this level. Take out the Commander near the steps, then move forward come the regulate booth. There space a set of next stairs here that you deserve to use to obtain onto the roof that the office. Uncover a vent that you deserve to open using your Pipes, climate drop inside and also crouch so the you can’t it is in seen through the windows. Head for the front of the office and flip the move to open up the big doors, then proceed your objective.

flip the switch in the control booth to open the gate, climate escape making use of the cable car.

Now the the door is opening, you can expect to obtain swarmed through Nazi soldiers. Take them out as finest you can, watching out for the Supersoldier in the area. Once the way is clean enough, head for the cable car and also flip the lever to begin it up.

Restore the Power

After a brief ride you"ll must restore the power. Get rid of a few of the soldiers in the automobile next come you, climate look up in ~ the ceiling of your own. Use your tube to open up up the roof hatch, then take a drive on the zip-line.

Exit the cable car and also enter the structure on the generator platform. To restore the strength you’re walk to need to go all the means to the top, so follow the walkway and stairs till you with the power control room. Over there is a heavy Soldier here, so closely take the down, as well as anyone else who dares block her path. Move right into the control room and also flip the switch to reclaim power.

Reach the Bridge

After restoring the power, Nazis will certainly swarm the area and also you’ll need to fight your way back to the cable car you were simply in. When you arrive, flip the switch, then continue your journey in the direction of the bridge. Points will walk horribly wrong, so acquire ready to adjust to a new plan..

Find Another means to the Bridge

Blazkowicz finds self in plenty of sticky situations, among which you have the right to see above.

Look around and interact v the door come bust that open. Swim with the tunnel till you reach the surface, then exit into a cavern system.

Exit the Caves

There room two commanders here, so closely move forward. Two soldiers will walk under the area to her left. Wait for them to get past you, then take them out one at a time.

Sneak forward and also climb the wall prior to the area whereby the hefty Soldier is go about. Simply make sure the coast is clear before you pull you yourself all the method up, climate shoot the soldier and Commander that are nearby. You can now move into the tunnel and kill the second Commander, leaving the heavy Soldier for last. Hit that from whatever angle suits you, yet be certain to walk for the tanks on his earlier to score the rapid kill. You have the right to now rise the wall to the left of the upper tunnel enntrance gate to move right into the next area.

Climb increase the wall, then continue moving come find an additional Commander and also open area through patrolling soldiers. Take it them out silently if girlfriend wish, or walk in weapons blazing. Just remember that Commanders constantly call for reinforcements, which means longer fights. Either means you pat things, just follow the path to the top and also locate the opening on the left. We weren"t successful with our stealth approach, therefore we ended up facing off with a Supersoldier. We can"t say for certain if you"ll bump into him if you control to save things quiet.

Follow the route around, up the wood stairway to an elevator. Communicate with the switch below to head up to the following level that the cave. At the top, move forward and also drop off the platform and into another cave system. Crouch through the opening between the rock and also follow it increase to finish up along the cliff edge below the bridge.

Locate the town Tavern

Continue moving along the leaf of the cliff till you with the support with a climbable section of wall. Pull the end your Pipes and also climb approximately reach the metal walkways under the bridge. Move very closely to the other side, maintaining an eye the end for any enemies who might cause problems. Sprint run at the finish of the path, then head right into the room beyond and also open up the door to uncover yourself in ~ the cable automobile loading dock. The path forward is linear, for this reason kill every little thing that stands in your means and save pushing forward.

save an eye the end for wall surfaces that you have the right to climb, and hatches the you have the right to pry open with her Pipes.

Use your Pipes ~ above the metal door and drop ~ above the elevator. Usage your pipe to open up the hatch, climate drop into the elevator and perform a Takedown on the Nazi soldier inside.

As quickly as the elevator doors open you’re going come be faced with a horde the Nazi soldiers. Take it them out, then relocate through the military checkpoint from chapter One. Take the measures down the hallway to reach the surface, climate prepare for another massive gun battle that has a Supersoldier and the Panzerhund the you had to evade in thing Three.

Your main goal right here is to acquire out of the military compound. Remain behind cover, usage all the tools you have, and also kill as plenty of Nazis as the video game throws in ~ you. Once the area is clear, head because that the small room in the center of the gate. Communicate with the window on the right-hand side to have Blazkowicz skinny in and open the door making use of his Pipes.

Now head right into the small booth and look up to discover an opening. Climb v it, climate drop down and continue to take on the Nazi soldiers that swarm you. Eventually you"ll need to take top top a Supersoldier, which isn"t fun, but at the very least he autumn a really cool gun as soon as he dies.

Remember to exploit your Shockhammer and Klampfpistole to take down the Supersoldier. As soon as he is dead, move much away native the trucks, together a large Panzerhund is around to come crashing through. Try to scoop up the dead Supersoldiers hefty Machinegun to make fast work that this nonsense.

The Panzerhund, i m sorry is sort of prefer a dog, is quickly one the the most terrifying adversaries in the game.

Once the Panzerhund is down, take the end the continuing to be soldiers, then rise up the ladder top top the left side of the tunnel. This will enable you to drop down previous the trucks blocking the road and proceed forward. You can’t travel with the huge gate ahead, so turn left and also head under the winding staircase inside. In ~ the bottom you’ll find a wall surface of not correct bricks i m sorry you have the right to break through. Follow the path to a wall, then rise up right into the village. Proceed going in the only feasible direction until you with the tavern.

Once within the tavern, merely follow Annette into the main area, then speak through Kessler. You should take the time now to conference up any type of ammo and also armor you might need. After ~ a few moments of talking to Kessler, a smaller version of the Panzerhund will crash v a window and strike Annette.

Open the Basement Hatch

More Nazis are on the way, and also Annette is injured. Head end to the center of the tavern and locate the hatch beside a group of barrels. The indicator have to pop increase on your screen when friend look in the right direction. Once the hatch is open, wait for Kessler to carry Annette over. Once you’ve regained regulate of Blazkowicz, pull the end your weapons and also start murdering the Nazi troops as they attack. As soon as you"re done, head for Kessler and Annette, which will cause the chapter"s final boss fight.

He has a look at in his eyes that tells friend things simply aren"t going his way.

Rui Jäger boss Fight

The trick come beating Jäger is to usage your Shockhammer to shoot the blue electrical knobs on every of his shoulders. Carry out this a couple of times to reason them to overload and also stun Rudi, happen him to his knees. As soon as this happens, operation up and perform a Takedown to tear turn off a item of his armor.

You must go with this process three times. The 3rd time this happens you’ll tear turn off his former chest piece. From here on out, focus every one of your fire on the exposed area. Continue to shove everything you have in his challenge until he falls to his knee one last time.

When this happens, run up and also perform a Takedown on him to complete him off for good. This will activate a self-destruct sequence, and you’ll have to sprint earlier to the basement hatch to cause the chapter ending cut scene.

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You can continue directly come Wolfenstein: The Old Blood part Two - chapter Five: Wulfburg, or you deserve to return come our main Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. It"s over there you"ll find every one of the chapters, boss fights and also collectibles the game has come offer.