The forecasting time horizon that would commonly be most basic to predict for would certainly be the


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intermediate range.

A estimate that projects a company"s sales is a(n):

economic forecast.
technological forecast.
demand forecast.
associative model.

Quantitative approaches of forecasting include

jury of executive, management opinion.
sales pressure composite.
exponential smoothing.
consumer market survey.

The technique that considers number of variables the are related to the variable gift predicted is

weighted relocating average.
multiple regression.
exponential smoothing.

The forecasting model that is based upon salesperson"s approximates of meant sales is

sales pressure composite.
consumer sector survey.
delphi method.
jury of executive opinion.

Decomposing a time collection refers to breaking down previous data right into the components of

constants and variations.
strategy, tactical, and operational variations.
long-term, short-term, and also medium-term variations.
trends, cycles, seasonal and random variations.

With regard come a regression-based forecast, the standard error of the estimate gives a measure of

the variability about the regression line.
the time forced to have the estimate equation.
the best error the the forecast.
the time duration for i m sorry the estimate is valid.

When making use of exponential smoothing, the smoothing constant

is typically between .75 and also .95 for most service applications.
indicates the accuracy the the vault forecast.
can be figured out using MAD.
should be chosen to maximize optimistic bias.

A tracking signal

is computed as the average absolute deviation (MAD) separated by the running sum of the forecast errors (RSFE).
that is negative indicates that demand is better than the forecast.
cannot be provided with exponential smoothing.
must be one of two people 1, 0, or -1 for the an initial predicted value

If need is 106 throughout January, 120 in February, 134 in March, and also 142 in April, what is the 3-month straightforward moving median for May?


Given critical period"s estimate of 65, and also last period"s demand of 62, what is the an easy exponential smoothing projection with one alpha the 0.4 for the following period?


A forecasting an approach consistently to produce a negative tracking signal. This way that

the forecasting technique consistently under predicts.
the MSE will likewise consistently be negative.
the MAPE will also consistently it is in negative.
the forecast method consistently over predicts.

A regression design is used to forecast sales based on advertising dollars spent. The regression heat is y=500+35x and the coefficient of decision is .90. I beg your pardon is the best statement around this forecasting model?

The coefficient that correlation between sales and advertising is 0.81.
For every $35 spent on advertising, sales increase by $1.
The correlation between sales and also advertising is positive.
Even if no money is invested on advertising, the firm realizes $35 that sales.

Linear regression is most similar to

the naïve an approach of forecasting.
the simple moving average technique of forecasting.
the tendency projection technique of forecasting.
the weighted relocating average method of forecasting.

Time series patterns the repeat themselves after a period of work or weeks room called


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random variation.

Which the the complying with is NOT a time-series model?

exponential smoothing
moving averages
linear regression
naïve approach
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