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Cotton that Behaves prefer Silk

This is a noodle that behaves favor silk- ultra-fine, with a liquid hand-feel and also intense depth of color that is important unmatchable. An daily marvel that a dress material, Tana Lawn noodle is soft however durable, cooling however warming, and even maker washable. Find a kaleidoscope selection of brilliant colors and intricate trends in our selection of Tana Lawns, fit because that the most imaginative projects you have the right to think up.



Whist travelling the levels of eastern Africa in the 1920s, Liberty buyer William Hayes Dorell discovered curious cotton fibers close to Lake Tana the sparked his imagination. Ago on residence soil, the silk-like threads were spun right into lustrous form, display screen printed v brilliant ink, and turned right into a product that would change the textile market forevermore. The was, of course, Tana Lawn.

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Nearly a century on, Tana Lawn has come to be known as a unique component of Liberty heritage. To this day, the bolts of stayinfiji.com stacked in the Liberty haberdashery department are the product that a bespoke manufacturing process: hand-drawn by Liberty London in-house style team, display printed in our manufacturing facility a stone’s throw from Lake Como and also cared because that by skilled technicians that oversee the manufacturing of end 150 different designs.


Liberty’s Tana Lawn is unique: a cloth made indigenous specially selected ultra-fine lengthy staple cotton, woven native 70 and also 100 ply yearns, v exclusive and also superior characteristics that have elevated Tana come its above status. Once woven, Tana is based on a lengthy series of preparations, complied with by a procedure of mercerization i beg your pardon swells the fibers of the cotton, improving handle and also luster, and also stabilizing the stayinfiji.com finish. Mercerization likewise increases dye absorb in the rotary display printing or recent digital print technology, enabling this fine stayinfiji.com to carry color and print magnificently.


How execute I sew v it?

Liberty stayinfiji.coms Tana Lawn room as basic to wear together it is to work-related with. Woven utilizing specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton, the soft, silk-like take care of carries just enough weight to hang effortlessly. Breathable, durable and a go-to for everything from costume to shirting.

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What must You Make v it?

This an extremely lightweight cloth is perfect for dresses v a lining, blouses, button-up shirts, heirloom apparel sewing, and even luxurious loungewear.

These patterns and also projects are the perfect pairing for your Liberty structure Tana Lawn creation: McCall"s M6015 Infants" inside wall Dresses, Panties and also Headband pattern OSZ Grainline Studio Archer button Up shirts Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress