Affinity and in-market audiencesTopicsRemarketingAll that the listed answers room correct

The exactly answer is:

All that the listed answers are correct


Sources: Google Ads video Certification Course

To view all the questions and also correct answer of the Google Ads video Certification Exam, Click HereGoogle Ads video Certification Answers.

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Justina Kristine

Justina Kristine is a lecturer top top WNS Academy. Ns am an skilled in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and also Google ads certified indigenous Google Ads Academy. Ns am a digital marketing expert with a strong blend of an innovative & analytic skills, helping/educating businesses, individuals to flourish online through proven methods.

These world Are Redefining What It means To be A Celebrity By gift Approachable, Conversational, and also Authentic come Millions Of devoted Followers. They have the right to Activate millions of Fans through A Click that The “Publish” switch — and Some are Sharing The Spotlight with Brands.

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