Question 1 of 205.0 PointsWhich that the following represents the fastest-growing segment of minority company ownership? A. Afri Americans B. Asians C. Spain D. Pacific IslandersQuestion 2 of 205.0 PointsShirley is opening a flower shop and also has made decision to operate as a sole proprietorship. I m sorry of the complying with is not an advantage Shirley will have actually in operation her business? ? A. Freedom B. Simplicity of operation C. Restricted liability D. Short start-up costsQuestion 3 that 205.0 PointsWho constitutes the member of SCORE? A. Retired executives B. Venture capitalists C. Company officers D. Advertisement lendersQuestion 4 of 205.0 PointsWhich that the complying with is the most significant recent tendency in small-business start-ups? A. Entrepreneurs that cross over from huge business B. Increased opportunities for minorities C. Increased opportunities for women D. Appearance of e-commerceQuestion 5 of 205.0 PointsViola wants to be a service owner, and is contemplating whether to begin her own service or open up a franchise. I m sorry of the following, if true, would be a compelling factor for Viola to open up a franchise fairly than begin a new business? A. The franchiser calls for $3,000 in start-up costs and a 5 percent monthly royalty fee. B. The parent company will aid in creating the store and also purchasing equipment. C. The parent firm will help in hiring and also training staff. D. The franchiser would receive savings by permitting the franchisee to purchase from a main location.Question 6 the 205.0 PointsWhich of the following refers to associations of producer that control supply and also prices? ? A. Independent agencies B. Cartels C. Trade partnerships D. Multinational firmsQuestion 7 the 205.0 PointsWhich form of company ownership generates the many sales in the united States? A. Sole proprietorship B. Basic partnership C. Participating D. CorporationQuestion 8 the 205.0 PointsWhich of the adhering to helps business man gain an abilities that are essential for to run a business? A. ESOP B. SBICs C. SEC D. SBAQuestion 9 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the complying with is no a reason for new business failure? A. Insufficient funding B. Managerial incompetence C. Weak regulate systems D. LuckQuestion 10 the 205.0 PointsWhich that the complying with is a federal government payment to assist a domestic service compete with international firms? A. Revenue tariff B. Protectionist tariff C. Import buy-back D. SubsidyQuestion 11 of 205.0 PointsWhich the the following types of tariff is meant to discourage the income of particular products? A. Revenue tariff B. Quota tariff C. Job tariff D. Protectionist tariffQuestion 12 the 205.0 PointsThe U.S. Government forbids the importation of cigars from Cuba. What is this practice called? A. Embargo B. Tariff C. Subsidy D. Business practice lawQuestion 13 the 205.0 PointsWhat is the most significant disadvantage that owning a franchise? A. Start-up expenses B. Operational indict C. An obstacle obtaining loans D. Double taxationQuestion 14 of 205.0 PointsWhich kind of business is legally taken into consideration a different entity native its owners and also is liable for its very own debts? A. Sole proprietorship B. Corporation C. Limited partnership D. CooperativeQuestion 15 the 205.0 PointsWhich the the complying with denotes the exercise of protecting domestic company at the cost of cost-free market competition? A. Fair profession B. Well balanced trade C. Totally free trade D. ProtectionismQuestion 16 that 205.0 PointsIn which business sector space cooperatives still important? ? A. Production B. Automotive C. Publicly utilities D. AgricultureQuestion 17 of 205.0 PointsWhich entity is characterized as independent and also has small influence on its market? A. Coporation, group B. Joint venture C. Tiny business D. PartnershipQuestion 18 that 205.0 PointsWhat go a start-up agency need in bespeak to estimate the compelled size of a plant, store, or office, come decide just how much inventory to carry, and to recognize how numerous employees come hire? A. Sales projection B. Taxation estimate C. Organization objective D. Stock optionsQuestion 19 the 205.0 PointsMany federal governments require that products sold in their certain country be at the very least partly do there. This policy requires what form of laws? A. Quota laws B. Neighborhood content legislations C. Organization practice laws D. Cost-free trade lawsQuestion 20 the 205.0 PointsWhich of the following species of enterprise is most common in the joined States? A. Sole proprietorships B. Basic partnerships C.

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Cooperatives D. Corporations