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We report the collision, adhesion, and also oxidation habits of solitary silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) top top a polysulfide-modified yellow microelectrode. Regardless of its exceptional success in volume evaluation for smaller Ag NPs, the technique of NP-collision electrochemistry has failed to analysis particles higher than 50 nm as result of uncontrollable collision behavior and incomplete NP oxidation. Herein, we define the unique capability of an ultrathin polysulfide layer in managing the collision behavior of Ag NPs by substantially improving your sticking probability top top the electrode. The ultrathin sulfurous layer is created on yellow by salt thiosulfate electro-oxidation and also serves both together an adhesive interface for colliding NPs and also as a preconcentrated reactive medium to chemically oxidization Ag to type Ag2S. Rapid particle dissolution is further advocated by the visibility of bulk sodium thiosulfate serving as a Lewis base, which significantly improves the solubility of produced Ag2S by a factor of 1013. The combined use that polysulfide and also sodium thiosulfate allows us to watch a 25× increase in NP detection frequency, a 3× increase in height amplitude, and much more complete oxidation for bigger Ag NPs. By recognizing just how volumetric analysis using infection electron microscopy (TEM) may overestimate quasi-spherical NPs, we think we have the right to have complete NP oxidation for particles as much as 100 nm. By focusing on the electrode/solution user interface for much more effective NP-electrode contact, we mean that the understanding learned from this study will greatly advantage future NP collision solution for mechanistic research studies in single-entity electrochemistry and also designing ultrasensitive biochemical sensors.

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