Which of these is an advantage unique to check accounts?Checking accounts enable the deliver of money electronically.Checking accounts enable used check to act together receipts.Checking accounts use debit cards for easy accessibility to money.Checking account are collection up come earn much more interest if offered more.

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When Seb reconciles his accounts, what is the very first step he have to take?Compare his records and his statement. Examine his statement to examine for errors. Check his records are accurate and include every transactions.Check receipts to make sure all transaction quantities are correct.
Many check accounts sell multiple means of accessing money in addition to checks. I m sorry of these have the right to be provided to accessibility money in a check account?debit cardcredit cardcertificate of depositpassbook
Which of these is a properties of certificates of deposit (CDs)?They are always offered at variable rates.They last for a set period of time.They deserve to be opened up with any amount of money.They allow accessibility to the money at any type of time there is no penalty.
Which of these is the best reason for Nina to keep up-to-date and accurate records of her financial institution accounts?to decision which receipt to salary firstto determine just how much she requirements to earnto protect against herself indigenous making jae won mistakesto know exactly how much money she has actually for budgeting
Where do financial institutions get money to lend to borrowers?the bank"s managementtheir shareholdersthe money markettheir depositors
In which case would a certificate of deposit (CD) it is in the finest banking choice?Samuel is setup money aside yet still demands emergency accessibility to it.Hafsa wants a guarantee return, and won"t require the money for number of years.Darren is searching for an investment that has a an extremely high interest rate.Raj is searching for an investment through a fast return for this reason he can reinvest.
Alex has not been maintaining his banking records up come date. ~ above his latest bank statement, he uncovered that he had been charged an overdraft fee for composing a poor check. In addition to his being charged a fee, which of this is an additional possible repercussion of an overdraft?The financial institution will near his account.The merchant who got his check will be fee an overdraft fee. The financial institution will release his debit card. The seller who got his inspect will mean repayment and a punish fee.
What is one benefit of purchasing conserving bonds?Saving bonds are purchased indigenous the government and also guaranteed to increase in value.Saving bonds are purchased from commercial banks and also guaranteed to increase in value.Saving bonds are brief term investments donate by the federal government to defend from loss.Saving binding are long term investments created to help an initial time house buyers attain a mortgage.
What is the ideal reason because that Jacinta to have a to save account in addition to a check account?A savings account protects she money native overdraft fees. A to save account insures she money under the FDIC.A to save account guards she money versus inflation. A save account keeps her savings different from her spending money.
In which case would a save bond it is in the best investment to earn interest?if friend need access to her cash quicklyif friend are conserving each month because that a new carif friend are placing aside a chunk the money to purchase a home in 5 yearsif you have a huge amount that money to conserve at one time
Glenn and Maggie very own a regional chain that juice bars and are looking to expand in the coming year. They already have fifty shops, but they understand they will need a loan come reach their goal of one hundred twenty five shops. Which type of banking school is most an ideal for Glenn and Maggie"s business?a credit uniona savings and loana advertising bankan investment bank
Look at the table below showing an example of a checkbook ledger.According to the table, what is Omar"s bank balance?$761.25$810.30$814.75$1,186.25
What go reconciling one account involve?checking one"s financial records against the bank"smaking sure a paycheck arrives on timecalculating the attention owed ~ above a to save accountidentifying instances of identification theft
Sara would favor to open a bank account. What will certainly she have to do this? check all that apply.identification cardhigh school diplomamoney to begin the accountbirth certificateproof the address
Which of this is a disadvantage of bank with national retail banks?They have small ATM networks.They fee fees for plenty of services.They sell a tiny range that products and services.They are located primarily in and around cities.
What is a major difference between retail banks and credit unions?Retail financial institutions only offer businesses, while credit unions only serve individuals.Retail financial institutions operate in stimulate to earn profit, while credit transaction unions are nonprofit.Retail banks only have tiny local branches, while credit transaction unions space nationwide.Retail financial institutions manage a person"s money, while credit unions emphasis on offering loans.

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Which of these is an benefit of check accounts?Checking accounts protect against the customer from having overdraft fees.Checking accounts permit convenient means to deposit or withdraw funds.Checking accounts are processed immediately so customer and also bank records always match.Checking account offer restricted checks yet offer greater rates of interest.
This is a table that could be used to maintain a document of account transactions. That is similar to what is found in a checkbook ledger. Some of its pillar headings space missing. How should these columns be labeled?Balance, Transaction Code, DescriptionCheck Number, Description, BalanceTransaction Code, Balance, NotesDescription, check Number, Balance