The type of person who would spend two hours watching a video clip of other people playing Dungeons and also Dragons sounds favor the type of human being who would eat other pulled turn off their very own foot.

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Yet, I’ll invest the following 600 words trying to to convince you the watching a video of others playing D&D is not only cool, yet you’ll discover it just as entertaining together most major motion pictures.

Let’s acquire to understand Acquisitions Incorporated.

What is acquisitions Incorporated?

Years ago, kris Perkins–who is pound-for-pound is considered the finest Dungeon understand alive–got along with Scott Kurtz, the artist behind PVP, and Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of penny Arcade.

While over there were part side-treks early, prefer a brief substitution the the likewise fabulous James Wyatt as DM and also some dabbling through Dark sun as the setting, Aquisitions Incorporated has actually primarily to be Scott, Mike, and also Jerry being led with years of interesting adventures by Perkins, v one twist, the we’ll obtain to in a moment. However first, let’s accomplish the characters Acquisitions Incorporated:


Dran is a half-elf cleric play by Jerry Holkins.Omin is the fast-talking CEO of acquisitions Incorporated. A shrewd and calculating businessman, Omin always puts the welfare the the company over all else, occasionally at the cost of his employee other adventurers. He additionally loves contracts.

Omin was raised by two mothers alongside two older sisters, who also ended up together adventurers, details that will prove appropriate as you follow the story of repurchase Incorporated.

Binwin Bronzebottom is a dwarf fighter played by Scott Kurtz.Reckless and also simpleminded, Binwin doesn’t treatment much for anything, alongside the thrill the battle and also a mug full of Dwarven ale. His signature move is kicking under a door.

His clan was disgraced and all however destroyed through their main rivals, the Ambershards, which caused Binwin to drifted roughly from tavern come tavern before he was eventually found and also recruited by Omin.

Jim Darkmagic the the new Hampshire Darkmagics is a human being wizard played by Mike Krahulik.Jim is the narcissistic and prodigious boy of a well-renowned family of wizards, who exhibited both his talent for magic and also immensely self-centered actions early on.

In spite of his talents as a wizard, Jim mostly sees himself as an entertainer, donning the mannerisms and also behaviors of a stage magician, choose tossing out doves and using the catchphrase “Have a magical day”, adhered to by a wink. Yet when plan is rolled, Jim isn’t fear to drop a fireball.

I mentioned previously that repurchase Incorporated has actually one twist. A shtick the the present is that the team is always trying the end a brand-new intern to round the end the adventuring party.

The very first intern was Aeofel, a character play by Wil Wheaton. Being that D&D is mutual storytelling, the adventure left Aeofel…well, i don’t want to damn it it. Yet suffice it come say that the scenarios that befell Aeofel to be a source of jokes and whines native Wil Wheaton and also the remainder of the players because that years.

The second intern was Viari, a character played by the splendid Patrick Rothfuss. Viari is a charismatic swashbuckler who join Acquisitions Inc. In the Forgotten worlds for the “Ark of the mad Mage” adventure.

Môrgæn was an elf ranger intern play by Morgan Webb for a short stretch.

The different interns provide a the majority of fun to the sessions, providing plenty that jokes and banter throughout the table. And also Chris Perkins is constantly eager to facilitate the fun and let work for the game. It helps the the games are generally played live in former of a 1000 human audience in ~ PAX EAST and also PAX element events.

Have you ever before seen storytelling in it’s pure, weaponized form? It’s glorious. The joyous laughter and engagement that can develop is unparalleled.

Yeah, I recognize it is weird to wrap her mind roughly the idea of watching others play D&D, however Acquisition Incorporated flat out works. The players space hilarious (even if they have the right to be sexist in ~ times), and also Perkins is masterful together a DM. Perkins zigs and also zags and improvises continually to save up v the quick-witted players, and also throughout every session he seems to constantly up his game in regards to taking the adventures come fun new heights.

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Watching a conference of Acquisition integrated really is as enthralling as watching most significant motion pictures. Ns submit the episode below as proof:

You’ll begin with the over video, yet I insurance you’ll it is in hooked and you’ll want to go ago to the start to follow all the adventures. This handy YouTube playlist will assist with that.