I"ve been playing WoW(an virtual multiplayer game) because vanilla. I"m an enlarge white male, my first toon was female, developed with my wife coaching me. Us did it simply for fun.

What go vanilla average here?



I"ve never encountered this use, yet I"ll hazard a guess.

"Vanilla" in the computer world means a basic version of something, without any type of special features or customisations (from its usage for no-flavour ice cream cream).

I suspect this means "since over there was just one kind of WoW".


In this specific case, vanilla represents the base variation of WoW, the is before the first expansion load (World of Warcraft: The burn Crusade) was released.

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As Colin mentioned, "vanilla" generally means the initial version the something, before extra features/complications were added.

I would similar to to add that the usage is no just limited to the computer system world. Because that example, once speaking about financial derivatives you have options, binary options, exotic options, etc. And also sometimes because that disambiguation the normal options are referred to as vanilla options.


I check out somewhere numerous years earlier that the hatchet vanilla, in this usage, was coined after the relax of the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, due to the colour of the original box. I now recognize this to it is in wrong*.

In searching for a viable referral to my theory, I discovered that the term was referenced in The brand-new Hacker"s Dictionary, very first edition circa so late 1996 (Oblivion was released in 2006). However, this intake of the word is maybe as old as 1975, as it is additionally referenced in the original jargon.txt file that develops the basis because that Raymond"s dictionary.

The earliest tape-recorded version that jargon.txt is v1.0.3, which has the following definition of vanilla:

VANILLA adj. Ordinary flavor, standard. See FLAVOR.

This is put into context by the accompanying an interpretation of FLAVOR:

FLAVOR n. 1. Variety, type, kind. "DDT commands come in two flavors." 2. The attribute of causing something to it is in FLAVORFUL. "This convention yields extr flavor by permitting one to ..."

Hence vanilla software is the ordinary, typical version, or initial version.

As pointed out by others, this converts as the version that precedes any kind of expansion packs, or the base game without mods.

Although the OED does refer to the adjective "vanilla", below, over there does no seem to it is in a reference to this usage in the virtual etymology dictionary etymonline.com, i beg your pardon further argues that it"s a recent development.

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adjective informal: vanilla

having actually no distinct or extra features; ordinary or standard. "choosing plain vanilla modern technology wherever you deserve to will save you money"

*I taken into consideration that it is feasible that Oblivion box"s colour choice of vanilla was, instead, affected in some means by the hatchet "vanilla" provided as discussed, especially when considering the focus on mods and also the cost-free TES building and construction Kit because that the game. However, i was no able to discover the initial reference to this claim and also must conclude the the colour of Oblivion"s box is not associated in any kind of way.