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Major meanings of AVC

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All interpretations of AVC

As stated above, friend will check out all interpretations of AVC in the complying with table. Please know that all definitions are noted in alphabet order. You have the right to click web links on the right to see detailed information of every definition, including definitions in English and your neighborhood language.

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AVCAIDS Volunteer Clearinghouse
AVCAccess Vector Cache
AVCAccidente Vascular Cerebral
AVCAccidents Vasculaires Cerebraux
AVCAcidente Vascular Cerebral
AVCActive Vibration Control
AVCAdditional spontaneous Contribution
AVCAdvanced Common-View
AVCAdvanced Very-low-voltage CMOS
AVCAdvanced video clip Coding
AVCAerial success Credit
AVCAlien Visitation Craft
AVCAlpine Ventoux society
AVCAlpine Visitors facility
AVCAlumni Volunteer copy, group
AVCAmerican Veterans Committee
AVCAnalog Voice Channel
AVCAnnapolis valley Campus
AVCAnti-Vibration Compound
AVCArbitrarily-Varying Channel
AVCArc Voltage manage
AVCArchitecture Valorisation building and construction
AVCArmy veterinarian Corps
AVCAsia an important Components
AVCAssociation Viticole Champenoise
AVCAssociation pour la Valorisation des Connaissances
AVCAssurance of voluntarily Compliance
AVCAtlantic Veterinary university
AVCAudio video Connection
AVCAudio visual Conferencing
AVCAudio intuitive Connection
AVCAudio-Visual Coding
AVCAudio-Visual Committee
AVCAutomatic car Classification
AVCAutomatic video clip Corrector
AVCAutomatic Voice Control
AVCAutomatic Voltage Control
AVCAutomatic Volume Control
AVCAuxiliary Valve Control
AVCAverage variable Cost
AVCAvionics Change
AVCAvon valley Cyclery

What go AVC was standing for in text

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