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ax which is faster, a Hi-Speed USB harbor or a SuperSpeed USB port?
Definition SuperSpeed USB is quicker than Hi-Speed USB.

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Term What kind of calculation does an S/PDIF harbor provide?
Definition Connect to outside home theater audio device that provides the best signal quality and digital audio output.
Term list five species of video ports.
Definition VGA, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt
Term What is the function of an expansion slot ~ above a motherboard?
Definition to boost functionality that computer.
Term What have to be the setting for a dual-voltage selector switch on a strength supply whenusing the computer in the unified States?
Definition The dual-voltage selector switch should be ~ above 115V if being supplied in the unified States.
Term What unit of measure is supplied to describe the lot of occupational a rise suppressor deserve to dobefore it stop protecting the circuit native an electrical surge?
Definition Joules
Term hot wires in house wiring are usually colored ____, and also ground wires in computer systems arenormally fancy _____.
Definition black, black.
Term What is the difference in between a transformer and also a rectifier? which are discovered in a PCpower supply?
Definition a Rectifier is a an equipment that counter AC to DC and a transformer is a device that alters the ratio of voltage to current and also is uncovered inside the computer power supply.
Term What machine can you usage to make certain a computer system is protected versus power surges?
Definition surge protector or suppressor
Term A power supply obtain 120 volts of ___ power from a wall surface outlet and converts it come 3.3,5, and also 12 volts of ____ power.
Term Why is a strength supply dangerous also after the power is disconnected?
Definition capacitors inside still retain a lot of charge and could shock you
Term Which two tools deserve to a computer support technician use as soon as taking personal a computer system to bestprotect computer system components versus ESD?
Definition anti-static ground connection bracelet and static shielding bag.
Term What is the objective of a short article diagnostic card?
Definition to assist discover, report computer errors and conflicts in ~ POST and tests are performed by startup BIOS.
Term What three purposes are achieved by the motherboard BIOS?
Definition 1 manages straightforward devices2 start the computer3 transforms motherboard settings
Term What is the best means to recognize if a cable inside a computer system is a data and also instructioncable or a strength cable?
Definition follow it earlier to that source
Term What technology standard offers for up to four drives set up in a system?
Definition PATA / IDE
Term How numerous pins walk the P1 connector have actually that uses the ATX version 2.2 standard?
Definition P1 connector has 24 pins or 20+4 pins
Term What device might call for extra strength so that it uses the 12V 6-pin strength connector?In what two locations can you fi nd the connector?
Definition a high-end video card making use of PCI Express, variation 1 standard offers the 12V 6-pin power connector. Two ar of this connector on the PCI map itself and also the one top top the motherboard.
Term What is the objective of the 4-pin assistant connector top top a motherboard?
Definition to provide secondary 12V of power for evolving CPUs
Term What is the function of the 4-pin Molex connector?
Definition connects a PATA / IDE an equipment to the motherboard.
Term once taking a computer apart, why is it essential to not stack plank on height of every other?
Definition because of electrical interference they might cause to one another.
Term Why is it crucial to remove loose jewelry before working inside a computer case?
Definition because it can get captured in cables and or in components.
Term as soon as assembling systems, which carry out you download first, the cd driver or the motherboard?
Definition you install the drives prior to the mother yet it might depend on the computer system you room working on.
Term What is the function of elevated screw holes or standoffs installed between the motherboard and also case?
Definition to save the plank from emotional the situation so the it prevents electrical shorts.
Term when installing the front dashboard wires to the motherboard front panel header, just how do you recognize which pins to usage for each cable if the pins on the header room not labeled?
Definition youll understand by taking a photo of castle beforehand.
Term What space the two major components of a processor cooler assembly?
Definition Heat sink and also Fan
Term How plenty of pins does the CPU pan header top top a motherboard have?
Definition 4 pins
Term If the strength connector indigenous the CPU fan has actually only 3 pins, it have the right to still affix to the 4-pin header, yet what functionality is lost?
Definition Lost "pulse broad modulation" function. This controls the fan speed so it wont make as much noise.

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Term just how do you identify the wattage capacity essential by a strength supply?
Definition reading the strength supply ratings the are documented on the next of the power supply unit.
Term which one ingredient in a deluxe gaming computer is most likely to attract the most power?
Definition video card
Term what space the 3 most popular kind factors used for motherboards?
Definition AXT, microATX and also Mini-ATX
Term Which kind of INtel chpsets to be the very first to assistance the graphic controller to be part of the processor?
Definition the sandy leg chipset
Term how countless pins walk the intel socket b have? what is another name for this socket?
Definition it has 1366 pins and it is likewise referred to as the LGA1366 socket