A cowgirl called Calamity stars in the Fortnite: fight Royale Season 6 series of secret weekly challenges and she goes to a ranch in the very first special loading screen. But where specifically is the Fortnite Season 6 mainly 1 an enig Battle Star? this is what you must know.

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Fortnite Season 6 began Thursday morning, introducing several new characters come the game along with a floating island and a couple of pets. But another addition came in the form of the hunting Party an obstacle that has actually replaced the previous Road Trip an obstacle — though many players will most likely still describe it together the secret Battle Star.

Season 6’s hunting Party difficulty follows the same layout as the roadway Trip challenge and the Blockbuster challenge before that. Every week, players the finish every one of that week’s challenges unlock a secret loading screen.

That loading screen constantly shows a fun, oftentimes chaotic scene set somewhere on the present map with characters from the game. But there’s always a concealed clue — the silhouette that a fight Star or Banner — revealing a particular location wherein players have the right to claim an entire Battle happen tier in-game.


The Season 6, mainly 1 mystery Hunting Party loading screen shows a step located eastern of sky Palms.Epic Games

The brand-new Calamity character stars in the very first loading screen. She looks choose a generic modern cowgirl, however the fully-evolved variation of the outfit looks favor some sort of badass demon hunter. Maybe the hunting Party loading screens will map her evolution?

The mainly 1 loading screen indicates the ranch just east of heaven Palms proper. Close to a wooden livestock pen, yes sir a tractor sit on the hill. The secret Battle Star is located straight on top of the tractor, yet only after ~ the player completes every mainly 1 Challenge.

Use this map to uncover the an accurate location:


Land ~ above the coastline and also moves west towards Paradise Palms appropriate to discover this an enig Battle Star easily.Epic Games

Here are all of the mainly 1 difficulties players will need to finish prior to pursuing this mystery Battle Star.

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Pickup a legendary item in different matches (3)Regain health from a cozy Campfire (150)Stage 1: find Chests (3)Apply Shields (500)Stage 1: Land at Junk JunctionEliminate adversaries in different Named places (5)

Two of the seven call for multiple stages to complete, therefore they might be rather time-consuming. Also after week 1 ends, however, players have the right to still case this secret Battle Star as long as castle finish all of the main 1 obstacles at some point.

Because the season has actually only just begun, what’s the rush?

Watch me pat Fortnite Season 6 for 18 minute trying come hunt under the appropriate Streetlight Spotlights because that the week 1 Challenge: