Without question, basic Patton can have to be a an excellent commander, tactically. Though, over there is a question concerning his strategy capabilities. He could have met with field Marshal Friedrich Paulus at his hotel, in Kranogorsk, Moscow; who knows?



More from general Patton,

1. “The an obstacle in understanding the Russian is the we carry out not take it cognizance that the fact that the is not a European, yet an Asiatic, and also therefore thinks deviously.”

2. “I’ll say this; the 3rd Army alone v very tiny help and also with damned couple of casualties, might lick what is left that the Russians in 6 weeks. You mark my words. Don’t ever forget them… one day we will have to fight them and also it will certainly take 6 years and also cost us six million lives.”



“A huge thank you” article from THE GUARDIAN top top the 75th Anniversary that D-Day during WWII, UK’s many courageous newspaper: struggle finished, a daronger fighter comes forward shaking his fists and throwing punches, and also with the memory of His Majesty’s knife of Stalingrad presented together a token the homage native the British world to the Soviet Soldier, short-lived. “

In 1941 and 1942, the Red military sustained substantial materiel and personnel losses; nevertheless, the Red army continued to fight back and the Nazi Blitzkrieg dismally failed, some German generals knew in respectable 1941 that they to be fighting the battle they were going to lose, in ~ the finish of the day.

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The internet is often filled with Nazi Germany’s propaganda snapshots mirroring the unlimited columns of the Red Army’s POWs and also the pictures of the ruined equipment; most catching the military tragedies that developed in the 1941 and 1942 periods.

Beginning through the fight of Stalingrad as the war progress reversed, there to be columns the the German Army’s POWs top top the march and also there were photos of the damaged equipment. For some uncanny reasons, these piece of photographic evidence are hardly recognized in the West. For reference: the WWII photos; every theaters that operations, a Russian-language resource, finest collections: https://waralbum.ru/


The fight of Moscow, December 1941, the Wehrmacht’s first major defeat ringing the bell.

Reading various ‘War Stories’ post on Quora as well, there will certainly be, much more often than not, the Soviet military defeats featured. The Soviet military victories space silenced or shadowed, and also there are good and sound reasons for that: indigenous November — December 1942 through might 1945, the Red military fought its means from Stalingrad come the Elba River, thousands of kilometers come the West of Berlin, and defeated the armies of Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland, consisting of the divisions from Spain and Slovakia, SS departments manned by volunteer from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, France, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, collaborationists of every colors and also tongues, and also etc. All in all, countless fighting males at each and also every moment in time.

Following the Stalingrad, November — December — January 1943, and Kursk July — august 1943, strategic victories, the Soviet Union had at some point strategically beat Nazi Germany. Indigenous then and onwards, the German forces were on a continuous fighting retreat back to Berlin and beyond, until their unpreventable defeat. Together is the summary of the strategic situation on the east Front through the center of 1943 and also long before the us Lend-Lease reached any relatively significant deliveries. This can also be applied to the totality US Lend-Lease deliveries to the Soviet Union. The expression “Too little, as well late” — have the right to be used to explain the united state Lend-Lease come the Soviets. The did not influence Soviet Union’s capability to loss Nazi Germany all alone. The Soviet Union did some 85–90% that that total job. The complete US Lend-Lease deliveries come the Soviets amounted to just some 5–6% that the total Soviet battle production. The majority was yielded through the 1943–1945 periods; the did however provide a hopeful psychological effect from beforehand 1942. It to be Britain that acquired both the absolute and also relative really vast share that the us Lend-Lease supplies, but not the Soviet Union. Britain received some 60% the the total. However Britain added only some 2–5% on the 1941–45 WWII battlefields in Europe whereas the Soviet Union obtained some 22% of the total and also contributed varying generally some 80–98% on the 1941–1945 battlefields in Europe.

The battle of Stalingrad was Nazi Germany’s strategy defeat; the battle of Kursk was Nazi Germany’s other significant strategic defeat. Both battles broke the backbone the Nazi Germany’s equipped Forces being beat on the battlefields in the Soviet Union and also on the battlefields in eastern Europe.

Beginning with 1944, long prior to the D-Day in Normandy, Nazi Germany’s armies sustained a series of strategy defeats one after one more losing their finest fighting men and equipment which had actually bled the Wehrmacht fighting forces white and to the point of manning many of the Normandy beach positions v ex-POWs that agreed come fight because that Germany so the to get away native the concentration camps.

Please take it a look in ~ the photos below: procedure Bagration; the largest in scale and scope armed forces defeat endured by the militaries of Nazi Germany in WWII, June — July — respectable 1944. It is extremely likely, the the D-Day military success was preconditioned by the military disaster experienced by the military Group Center; the range of the defeat in June — July 1944 was commensurate with the range of their success in the summer of 1941.

Operation Bagration; the largest in scale and scope military defeat sustained by Nazi Germany throughout WWII, June — July — august 1944

Their complete losses accounted for more than 500,000 men and also officers noted as KIA, WIA, POWS; the German front to be ripped open, a 600-km broad gap opened up up the way into Poland.

Operation great Waltz; a shame parade of the Germans taken as POWs in June — July 1944, throughout Operation Bagration.

Remember a scene from the movie “Patton,” whereby the brave general is slapping a injured soldier in hospital. The other did not wet his pants in combat once he caught his bullet; he kind of lost heart for a moment afterwards due come a nervous breakdown, i beg your pardon is human and also natural. The scene of basic Patton shooting a pistol in ~ a strafing German aircraft and also the German infantry and also armor parading top top a battlefield appear surrealistic and also fictitious come anyone who endured the exposure to the same at the war of Kursk and also Stalingrad which basic Patton would certainly not have actually survived due to the fact that he stood no chances to deliver.

The shaft of the German Army’s POWs caught in eastern Prussia, in spring 1945.

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Without question, basic Patton can have to be a an excellent commander, tactically. Though, over there is a question concerning his strategic capabilities. He can have met with ar Marshal Friedrich Paulus in ~ his hotel, in Kranogorsk, Moscow; that knows?

The battle Plan against the Soviet Union was developed, analyzed, and dismissed because that potential loss on the battlefield considerations that would have been imminent provided the strength and also fighting capability of the Soviet Army. Basic Eisenhower knew far better and acted as necessary and for this reason did chairman Harry Truman. Together for Churchill, that’s the means the Brits fight their war as soon as someone rather is honored to traction the chestnuts the end of the fire because that them, his worry was the preservation of the British colonial Empire, and India, in particular.