On a cold and rainy job on the frontier, Jack and also Bill arrive at the mill for another talk v Lee Coulter. The mishaps at the mill room costing Lee even more contracts and forcing him come cut earlier on shifts. The case couldn’t be much more dire for Lee and the mill and Jack and Bill still don’t have any suspects. Hoping to find out more, Lee has detailed them with a list of all his employees. The a shooting in the dark, especially because Lee there is no fired anyone due to the fact that the mill opened. However with the instance escalating, Jack and also Bill have no other choice but to start interviewing the workers.

Away native the mill a much more lighthearted tone has swept throughout the town. In the coffee shop Cody to explode in waving a letter over his head. His sister Becky has written to tell him she getting far better and the she’ll be leaving the hospital soon. Cody have the right to hardly save his excitement at the possibility of seeing his sister and having her join his new family in hope Valley.

Outside town in the settler camp, Jack and Faith arrive to distribute much needed provisions. Candid Hogan is away testifying in the Garrison gang trial therefore Jack has volunteered to help. While in ~ the camp Jack and Faith run into Edith, the young mommy whose baby confidence treated for fever. The young mother looks tired and worn out and when Jack asks about her husband, Edith defines that he left prior to she offered birth to their child. He notices the Edith’s tent is in require of number of repairs and offers to help. Edith is wake up at an initial but Jack insists and also she relents.

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Since landing in Hope valley Rosemary has actually been bereft that the spotlight the the huge stage. But, together she enters the saloon to uncover Lee, Rosemary beams as though she is center stage on Broadway. Rosemary’s just learned that a famous film manager is shooting his latest attribute in expect Valley. An ext importantly, the director will certainly be casting locals in the film. Together Rosemary look at it, this is her chance to reach millions of people, far much more than some small theatre. Lee deserve to only look at on and smile as Rosemary gets caught up in the excitement.


Back in ~ the coffee shop Elizabeth and also Abigail room talking as soon as Cody barrels down the stairs. He’s headed the end to play through the various other boys but before he gets to the door a familiar voice phone call his name. Cody, Abigail and also Elizabeth run right into the main room the the cafe to uncover Cody’s sister Becky, supposedly wheelchair bound. See his sisters in the wheelchair originally shocks Cody. Becky describes that it’s just taking her longer to recover and that’s why she’s still in the wheelchair. Becky stretches her arms and Cody, quiet shocked, hugs her saying the he really missed her.

While Cody and also Becky talk, Dr. Burns steps forward to talk through Abigail. The doctor explains that Becky’s legs space fine, but that she hasn’t had actually the an ideas to walk again. Dr. Burns hopes that pass Becky to hope Valley roughly her loved ones will provide her the encourage she requirements to walk again. Over there is likewise the matter of Cody and Becky’s future. The children still have actually no guardian and, v no various other family, Abigail is every they have. Abigail reveals that she’s thought around taking the children however she’s unsure exactly how Becky would feel. Abigail wants to give Becky time come think about what she wants, however time is no on her side. The doctor describes that the society worker is eager to location the children in a home and also if not Abigail’s, some other home must be found.


Back in Lee’s office, Jack and Bill talk about the standing of your investigation. When the employees nothing seem come have any grudges against Lee, the evidence still points come the saboteur being an inside man. Since the men have actually no personal motivations, that seems likely that money is the likely motive. And there is one human being who has the means and money to corruption a worker: Henry Gowen.

As she provides her means into the café, Elizabeth notices Becky drawing sketches at one of the external tables. As soon as Elizabeth looks at the sketches she sees that they are actually design designs because that a bridge. Becky defines that she learned drafting from her father, who operated on the Queensland Bridge. The to plan she’s illustration are for a design bridge that she and also her father had functioned on. Seeing she talent, Elizabeth argues that Becky style a leg for the local science fair. Children from everywhere the west room entering the contest and the height prize is a scholarship. And also Elizabeth think Becky’s talent might be enough to win the peak prize. Come celebrate, Elizabeth invites Becky within for some warm chocolate. Elizabeth then asks if Becky would like to shot and go inside. Despite Elizabeth’s market to stand best by her, Becky is hesitant and also asks if possibly they can try tomorrow. Elizabeth is supportive and agrees that they will shot again tomorrow.

Back out at the settlement, Jack’s reverted to give Edith a hand v the repair her time desperately needs. While they talk, Edith reveals that her husband Roy is currently working in ~ a mine nearby. Jack notices the she clutches a locket as soon as she talks about Roy. That asks if she’s obtained a picture of that in the locket and Edith promptly opens the locket, revealing a snapshot of Roy and her son. Edith explains that Roy never mistreated her; he just didn’t require to the idea of gift a husband. Despite it every he is still the only male she’s ever before loved and also the dad of she son.


Since talk to Elizabeth about the contest, Becky has been totally absorbed in her drawings. Abigail pulls up a chair in ~ the table to talk to her around her drawings and her father. She then asks Becky whereby she desires to stay. Becky claims that she would prefer to stay with Abigail but that she wasn’t sure if, in she condition, Abigail would be ready to take she in. Abigail assures Becky that she would take her regardless that the wheelchair. She speak Becky the from the minute she and also Cody came right into her life she knew that the 3 of them were expected to it is in together. Cody, who’s to be eavesdropping ~ above the stairs, operation down and asks if they are going to it is in a family. Abigail hugs castle both and tells castle yes, they are going to be a family.

Standing in the center of key Street, Mr. Pope, the director of the upcoming film, is framing shots of hope Valley’s scenery. Together he and also his assistant log in the shots, Rosemary provides her appearance. She introduces herself and, after that clear the Mr. Pope has never heard that her, launches into her theatre resume. As luck would have it Mr. Pope has a role for her functioning alongside his star, together her personal maid. Stunned, Rosemary declares, “I to be an actress.” Mr. Pope politely nods and also tells her that all the roles have actually been filled then walks away. As Rosemary turns to write herself she sees Hickam transferring a script. Not only has Hickam been cast, yet Mary Dunbar and Molly Sullivan have likewise been cast.

At a Northridge sawmill, Jack and also Bill talk v Tommy Northridge, the mill’s owner. Northridge is among Lee’s competitors however he’s also loaned Lee devices to replace his damaged equipment. While talking about his business, Tommy mentions the Henry Gowen had approached him several months back looking for a companion to aid buy Lee out. Northridge turned the down but the proof is starting to allude to Henry Gowen as the likely saboteur.

While out on patrol Jack decides to make a visit come a adjacent to uncover Edith’s husband Roy. The two men sit because that a cup that coffee wherein Jack speak Roy the he has a son. Roy admits the he was a lousy husband and he doesn’t think he’ll fare much much better as a dad. Jack tries to encourage the to go back, however Roy is sure that Edith is much better without him.

Later in the day, as soon as Jack returns to expect Valley, he and also Elizabeth space walking together as soon as they view an larger gentleman waiting outside the jail. Jack instantly recognizes the man, yet he can not let Elizabeth recognize who that is. He tells Elizabeth the he needs to speak to the man and also hurriedly rushes off. The man, Mr. Besser, has a plot of land that Jack is interested in buying because that his future home. Another man is also interested in the plot, but Mr. Besser has actually a soft spot for Jack and also wants to give him every possibility to to buy the land. As the 2 talk Jack notices Elizabeth snooping outside. He pauses the conversation, walks come the window, and also pulls down the blind. The then turns to Mr. Besser and the two continue to talk about the plot.

Back in the saloon, Rosemary renders one an ext attempt to impress Mr. Pope. She viewpoints him and offers a soliloquy from her days on the stage. Mr. Pope look at up and also informs her that moving pictures are silent and also that every the roles are have actually been cast. Rosemary pleads through Mr. Pope and, as luck would have actually it, her pleas to win a chord. It transforms out that in spite of his impeccable qualifications, Mr. Pope had actually been rejected because that a large job years ago. As he tells the story Rosemary points the end that the knows exactly how she feels ideal now. Her pleas rest through and also Mr. Pope uses her a function as the saloon girl.


Outside of town, top top a grassy clearing, Henry Gowen and also Nora Avery space talking and also enjoying a picnic. Jack was standing top top the edge when, earlier in the day, Nora arrived earlier in town. Henry was also present, and also he and Nora adopted and she stepped off the coach. Now that they room alone together, Henry reveals the he lugged her to this clearing because is considering purchase the plot from Mr. Besser. He’s all set to relocate on v the next chapter that his life and that he wishes that she is too. Nora smiles at Henry and tells him the she just could be all set to do that relocate on come the next chapter of her life.

Later that night Henry sit in the saloon, play a an extremely tense game of poker through Bill. As they play, bill reveals the he’s learned around Gowen’s attempt to team up v Tommy Northridge and force Lee Coulter the end of business. Gowen instantly sees what’s going on and also makes that clear that he has nothing to execute with the sabotage at the mill. He then accuses Jack of make the efforts to run him with the mud to make him look poor in front of Nora. Jack loser the poker game but he knows Gowen and also he’s certain that Gowen no the culprit. Yet if it isn’t him, the still approximately Bill and also Jack to find out who it is.

out at the settlement, Jack autumn by through a gift for Edith. Previously Roy had come in come town and left, providing Jack money to require to her. The money tells Edith all she demands to know. Jack go his best to cover for Roy yet Edith is convinced that he left because of her. Jack disagrees; he think Roy is scared. It’s not sufficient for Edith, that hands earlier the money and also tells Jack that she doesn’t desire the money or anything else from Roy.

The next day in ~ the saloon, Rosemary is going end the manuscript with Mr. Pope. She’s trying to find her “motivation” and stretching Mr. Pope’s patience. He’s so frustrated the he’s prepared to fire her but, together he prepares come say the words, a voice speaks up from behind him. The voice is that of James Addison, the owner of the motion photo company filming in hope Valley. As luck would have actually it, he is a huge fan that Rosemary’s. He’s together a substantial fan that he automatically offers Rosemary the chance to it is in a movie star. Challenged with her dream of fame, Rosemary was standing shocked and speechless.

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Back at the mill, things have actually gone from poor to worse because that Lee Coulter. The head witnessed has damaged after cutting into a spiked log. Hickam rode right into the parcel and also found even much more spiked trees. There is no a head saw and with dozens of spiked trees, the mill can’t operate and Lee has no selection but to shut down. The calls every the guys together and prepares to shut under his mill.

Later in the night, Elizabeth join Abigail and also the youngsters for supper. As she and also Abigail head turn off to look in ~ linens in the café, Cody heads upstairs to execute his homework. Becky is left alone in ~ the table with no way to obtain up her own. Behind her, on optimal of a cabinet, is she notebook and also there’s just one means she can obtain it. She backs up her wheelchair and also attempts to reach. Once that stops working she has no selection and gradually pulls her legs out off the chair. She battles at first, however she manages to push herself up onto she feet. As she stands, Abigail and Elizabeth walk into the room. Abigail automatically runs to her and also teary eyed, tells her exactly how proud she is of her.

The following day, just as the youngsters leave for school, Abigail gets very early visitor to the café. Presume the woman is a customer, Abigail apologizes for running late and also tells the woman she’ll have the tea top top in a moment. The mrs apologizes for the confusion and also introduces herself together Caroline Conners. Caroline is trying to find Cody and Becky… She’s your aunt, and also she’s pertained to find them.