Veronika Obeng is a star on the reality TV series, second Wives Club. Formerly married come Beverly Hills plastic operated doctor Michael Obeng, Veronika is currently making a surname for herself. Examine out mine interview v the beautiful Veronika Obeng!

What has actually your experience on 2nd Wives society been like so far?

My experience with second Wives Club has been therefore positive. So countless women have actually reached the end to assistance me or to tell me their own stories. I really love my cast mates, lock are genuine friends- fine Shiva and Katie. Overall, i love being apart that SWC and would execute it again without a doubt.

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Did you expect all this to occur when girlfriend signed up because that the show?

I didn’t mean for my marital relationship to implode or to be compelled into sharing such raw, personal stories. I thought I would certainly be detailing a hard marriage, my family, and also the companies that i helped develop while hanging out v my girlfriends. Ns was blind sided by the drama.

How have actually you been dealing with the divorce?

Divorce is hard. I’m so glad ns took the measures to move on through my life, yet I didn’t visualize divorce being so brutal both in court and emotionally. I feel stronger everyday and also I’m looking front to officially putting the marriage behind me. A major focus right now is simply helping my children adapt to such brand-new surroundings and also two separate households.

Do you have any kind of words because that Michael?

I forgive him for every little thing he did. Us don’t speak really ever. I’d simply want him to recognize that I’ve moved on and also despite whatever that the did, I just want to relocate past it and efficiently co-​parent our beautiful children. He damaged my love so deeply, yet I’d desire him to understand I’m not his enemy.

What’s a job in your life like?

Lord, kids, kids, driving, kids, omg, what time is it, conference calls, emails, don’t touch that, where are your clothes, walk to bed, cuddles, kisses, crying, much more kisses, wine, happen out. Repeat. Literally, everyday. I’m a beautiful chaos of doing my best, flicker of greatness, failures, and also trying to be better at all of it the following day.


You run your own blog. Tell united state a small bit around that.

Well mine blog come from the hilarious things that literally occur to me everyday. Motherhood is strange. It’s hard, it’s fun, children are pure comedy and stress every rolled into one sphere of love. I just wanted a location to share mine experiences and the things I thought women might treatment about. It’s just a very honest snap shoot of contemporary womanhood and also mommying that ns thought can be a fun place to scroll v late in ~ night while drink wine alone.

How is motherhood?

Motherhood is the most amazing point I might ever expect to perform with my life. My kids teach me therefore much. I adore each boy in so many different ways and I couldn’t be more blessed. Ns couldn’t imagine life there is no my five children and also all the love and also joy they bring me. It’s so crazy busy however it keeps me in great shape.

What can we intend from you in the future?

Hopefully much more Second Wives Club, a totally revamped blog, and also a new business the I’m functioning to launch. I knew nothing about medicine once I got married and with difficult work and also intelligence, i helped build a multi-million disagreement plastic surgery exercise in Beverly Hills. I’m utilizing that same grit and also wit to develop something new, something the genuinely belongs come me.

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Doyou have a last message you’d prefer to share through your fans?

I’d say say thanks to you because that watching 2nd Wives Club and seeing the females behind the mask that money and status. I’m thankful for all the warmth messages and also support, and also hope come share even more with you an extremely soon.