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ITEM provided FOR RUBBING out "ITEM supplied FOR RUBBING OUT" is a 21 letter phrase starting with I and also ending through T

Crossword hints for "ITEM used FOR RUBBING OUT"

Item provided for rubbing out (6)ERASER
Stationery item (6)
Art gum, e.g. (6)
Traditional golf pencil"s lack (6)
Pink finish of a #2 (6)
One end of a No. 2 (6)
Whiteboard accessory (6)
Pencil rubber (6)
Pencil tip (6)
Pencil mark remover (6)
Classroom rubber (6)
Pencil component (6)
Pencil implement (6)
Paper Mate"s Pink Pearl, e.g. (6)
Pencil remover (6)
It clears the board (6)
Desk drawer item (6)
Doodle remover (6)
Pencil-case article (6)
Corrections agent? (6)

Synonyms, crossword answers and also other associated words for ITEM supplied FOR RUBBING out

We hope that the complying with list that synonyms for words eraser will assist you to complete your crossword today. We"ve arranged the synonyms in size order so that they are less complicated to find.

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Definition of eraser

an implement supplied to erase other

Anagrams the eraser


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