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 Farewell to Colleague: Jim Lovell

Recently, our esteemed society worker and also colleague, Jim Lovell, announced his exit from the Student-Run cost-free Clinic. We will dearly miss Jim and his work with the complimentary Clinic. Review a farewell short article to Jim from cost-free Clinic colleague, Sid Machiraju, here

 Free Clinic in the moment of COVID-19

Our patients currently are an especially vulnerable. Countless are elderly, and also most have serious chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Some have kidney condition and are on dialysis. Numerous are parents and also grandparents. Countless are doing their finest to raise children with love and strength. Others are alone.  The courage and also grace that our patients are consistent beacons and also life teachings for all of us. And also even more so, in this times the fear and uncertainty.

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Our amazing medical directors, pharmacy team, students, staff, volunteers, society workers and also promotoras have come together in the most remarkable methods to assistance our patients, providing care, medications, food, emotional and social support, and sustenance.
Our team is proceeding to provide care through phone and telemedicine. Patients and families pertained to the complimentary clinic parking lots and also physicians bring medication and food to the patients’ cars, all within a safe distance. Our remarkable students are offering social continuity calls come our patients, and delivering medications and food to their homes. Our mental wellness team is offering Spanish language phone counselling, and our society workers and also promotoras are giving support and also resources. Us have provided our patients v trusted phone call numbers that they deserve to call and reach the end if they room unwell or have actually concerns.

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In the indigenous of one of our college student leaders---Many of the patients of cost-free Clinic room not eligible for countless of the relief resources, have actually lost their jobs or will lose them soon, are involved how they will certainly feed their families, perform not have a safe kind of transportation to look for help, and also are being at some point impacted an ext than most civilization at this time. Us hope come raise accumulation to walk towards supporting our patients’ food and gas funds and also other needs. We want to it is in able to administer the countless medications that our patient need, that which us are already seeing a shortage, and also on which our patients depend. A main point insulin, which we administer to many of our diabetic patients, has doubled in price due to the fact that the start of COVID-19. While we space trying our best to resolve our patients’ medical needs, there is no denying that physical health is affected by life circumstances. We have always tried come take treatment of the entirety wellbeing of our patients, and also right now much more than ever, this is the most challenging, yet the most important.
Help united state be there because that our patients in these complicated times. Please take into consideration donating through clicking the "Donate Today" switch below. If friend would prefer the funds to go to our patients’ current needs, please create "for patient needs in the COVID-19 era”, or something similar in the Comments section of the Donation page. We thank you for being component of the cost-free clinic community, and also want girlfriend to know that by your action, donation, and support, you are making a difference in the lives of people who have nowhere else to turn. Us hope you will finish our brief, “Free Clinic community Survey.”
We hope to see you in ~ our light Up the Night "Zoom" Virtual Event on may 14.  these days, i see all of us together members of the Mutual inspiration Society. Give thanks to you because that being a source of inspiration! –Ellen Beck, MD