go Travis Scott Or Tyga have actually The best Rap Lyrics about Kylie Jenner? maintaining Up through The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner has actually publicly date rappers Travis Scott and also Tyga. I m sorry rapper has the better rap lyrics about her?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
Kylie zener of Keeping Up v the Kardashians has publicly dated two-high profile rappers. Both Tyga and Travis Scott space no strangers to the music charts. Both rappers have had actually their fair share of hits. But, i m sorry rapper has much better rap lyrics around the young beauty beauty mogul?

Kylie became the youngest and also richest member the the Kardashian-Jenner empire through the success of she Kylie Cosmetics makeup brand. She released the agency in 2015 and would market out her well known “Lip Kits” in minutes, make the demand for the commodities that much much more desirable. The success that her company has landed her on the sheathe of Forbes and also deemed the "youngest self-made billionaire." in spite of dethroning her of the title earlier this year, Kylie continues to be a staple in entertainment. Her superstar status has actually made her love life a spectacle because that the media.

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Her partnership with Tyga confronted a an excellent deal the criticism over the eight-year age gap in between the two. The "Faded" rapper was 25-years-old at the moment he began dating a then 17-year-old Kylie. During their relationship and also since your breakup, Tyga has rhymed a variety of verses that seemingly reference his ex. In his 2015 tune titled "Stimulated" Tyga raps around a "young" girl who plenty of think is Kylie. "They say she young/She should have actually waited," he says on the song. "She a huge girl, dawg, once she stimulated." The lyric seemingly referrals the backlash the young truth star received during over her partnership with the California rapper.

adhering to their breakup in April 2017, Tyga exit a track in July called "Playboy" that appeared to reference his superstar ex-girlfriend. “She a superstar/ She got it bad for me/ If i hang up, she call right back to me," the raps. "You reduced her legs off/ She crawls right ago to me. I contact it playboy tenacity.” It to be Tyga"s reference to a superstar that keeps coming back to him the left plenty of thinking he to be throwing a shot at Kylie. Prior to their official split, they had actually a couple of breakups where they came back together. But, by April 2017, Kylie was spotted in ~ Coachella v Houston rapper Travis Scott.

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Kylie and Scott"s connection skyrocketed easily as they welcomed their daughter, Stormi Webster, in February 2018. The pair announced their separation in 2019. But, they invest a good deal the time together elevating their 2-year-old daughter. ~ above his 2018 Grammy award winning album Astroworld, Scott do a number of references come his well known spouse. Most notably is ~ above the Billboard #1 fight "SICKO MODE" whereby he finished the song with a shoutout to Kylie. "Baby mama covering of Forbes, acquired these various other bi***es shook, yeah," he rapped. On the album, Scott released a number of songs the made referrals to Kylie. It was on the track "Stargazing" where he rapped, "But she know my baby mama is a trophy/ She it is in throwing up them B"s feel like we both bleed."

Though Kylie has actually yet to relax a track of her own, she"s had mentions top top a variety of Billboard hits. Once reviewing the text both Tyga and Travis Scott have rhymed around her, it"s clear the rappers every took various approaches to expressing their love. When Tyga delighted in keeping Kylie "stimulated," Scott emphasize Kylie"s accolades and how much she supposed to him. His rhymes could give us an inside look into why Kylie"s relationship was much more serious with Scott than Tyga.