Mill Spring, NC - Tryon international Equestrian center (TIEC) has announced the release of the 2015 Tryon Fall collection Prize perform now accessible online in ~ come competitors and spectators wishing to compete at the world-class facility during the highly anticipated Tryon autumn Series, collection to start on Thursday, September 17 and also conclude ~ above Sunday, October 25. The series will organize six consecutive main of competition consisting of two FEI CSI 3* mainly (October 14-October 25).

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The Tryon Fall collection will begin on Thursday, September 17, highlighting the very first "Saturday Night Lights" occasion of the series, together the venue master the $25,000 Tryon chateaus Grand Prix in ~ 7pm in the George Morris Arena ~ above Saturday, September 19. Autumn 1 will likewise offer a mainly of B-rated hunter competition.


The Tryon autumn Prize perform is obtainable athere

"We"re looking forward to hosting another successful collection at Tryon worldwide Equestrian Center and will watch to construct upon the momentum and feedback we received from the very first three series this year," said note Bellissimo, controlling partner because that the Tryon Equestrian Partners. "It is crucial to provide riders of every ages and experiences the chance to compete and learn. We are excited that we can create that appreciation and passion for the sport right here at TIEC."

Tryon global Equestrian center offers competitors, visitors, and families several on-site lodging alternatives to assist make competition access time as straightforward and convenient as possible. V multiple cabin sizes, as well as the newly opened Stable home Inn, both located within walking street of the facility and also stabling, lodging in ~ TIEC also ensures easy access to vendors and also restaurants situated on-site.

With a limited number the one-bedroom, three-bedroom, and also five-bedroom cabins obtainable for booking, contact lodging or call (828)-863-1015 to reserve her cabin because that the Tryon Fall collection today!

The Stable house Inn is the newest enhancement to the on-site lodging choices at Tryon worldwide Equestrian Center. Through 50 rooms, every room furnished through two queen sized beds, a complete bathroom, and also smaller amenities such together a mini-fridge, microwave, and also coffee-maker, The Stable home Inn is the perfect destination for a quick or lengthy term continue to be at TIEC. For much more information about nightly and weekly rates, please contact lodging or contact (828)-863-1015 for much more information.


Lodge top top Lake Lure, recently gained by the Tryon Equestrian Partners, will likewise be agree lodging reservations for the Tryon loss Series. Outfitted through 17 beautifully furnished rooms and also located just a short 18-minute drive from TIEC, Lodge on Lake entice offers guests accessibility to a beautiful lake-front patio deck, a range of watersport activities, and also is home to one of the area"s ideal restaurants, Tree optimal Restaurant. Come reserve a room in ~ Lodge on Lake attract please visit or call +1(800)-733-2785 for an ext information.

TIEC also offers visitors and guests several renowned dining venues located around the facility including Roger"s Diner, Legends Grille, Blue Ginger episode & Sake, and also Tryon Café. On-site favorites, open up Road Coffee and also Tryon Treats, will likewise open to exhibitors and visitors throughout each of the competition weeks during the Tryon autumn Series. Tryon Tack is also obtainable on-site providing competitors and also spectators with every one of their equestrian sleeve needs.

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The Legends Club, overlooking the George Morris Arena in Tryon Stadium, offer breakfast and lunch buffet options to patrons daily throughout the compete week, and also table seating during the extremely attended "Saturday Night Lights" Series, i beg your pardon will expectancy the six-week expression of the 2015 Tryon fall Series. To reserve a table in the Legends club please contact lodging or call (828)-863-1015 for more information.