Tracey Ullman and Allan McKeown net Worth $199.56 Million income & financial Data

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Source of Wealth:

Film, Television and also Music



Birth Place:

Slough, Buckinghamshire, England, united kingdom


5' 5½" (1.66 m)


53 kg (116.85 lbs)

Marital Status:

Tracey Ullman - Widowed (Allan McKeown)

Full Name:

Tracey Ullman and John McKeown


British and also American

Date that Birth:

December 30, 1959


Polish, English and possibly Romani


Tracey Ullman - Actress, Comedian, Singer, Dancer, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Author, and Businesswoman; Allan McKeown - Producer


Tracey Ullman - Italia Conti Academy and Allan McKeown - Beal Grammar college in Ilford


2 (Mabel and John)

About Tracey Ullman and also John McKeown

now a regular on American networks and also a seven-time Emmy award-winner, Ullman, 56 began in Britain as a singer, first in musicals, and also then together a solo artist. She moved right into television and left for America. Native 1987 to 1993, she worked on the Fox network with her own show, i m sorry spawned the hugely popular Simpsons cartoon series. She later moved come HBO, earning around £5m a year there because that 14 years. Her State that the Union, a satirical show on the Showtime network, was commissioned in 2010 for its 3rd season. She husband, McKeown, 65, make his name creating British television hits such together Auf Wiedersehen Pet and also Lovejoy. His UK company, Allan McKeown Presents, do a £202,153 benefit on £498,511 sales in 2008-09. The couple has homes in Los Angeles and also Mayfair.


On December 24, 2013. McKeown died at their home from prostate cancer.

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The pair has an estimated net precious of $199.56 million.

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