1:31pm: The Broncos are not right now shopping Siemian, James Palmer the NFL.com tweets.

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1:27pm: some “backpedal talk” has actually emerged about a Siemian-to-New York trade, Mortensen tweets. Yet he adds that Romo stays a profession candidate a work after being meant to it is in released.

1:07pm: The Cowboys currently expect to profession Tony Romo to the Broncos or Texans, resources tell kris Mortensen of ESPN.com (on Twitter). Meanwhile, the Broncos are talking v the Jets about trading Trevor Siemian to brand-new York.

A Broncos profession for Romo would certainly be surprising, a resource tells Denver7’s trojan Renck (Twitter link). The Broncos have long been connected to Romo however never via trade until today. For much more than a month, reports the end of Denver have actually pegged the Broncos together being ready to look in ~ Romo as a UFA.


Wednesday, there to be word the the Cowboys would be release Romo, enabling him come explore free agency. It transforms out the the Broncos and also Texans are currently willing to acquire him via trade. If a transaction goes down, the stands to reason that Romo can agree to restructure his transaction in order to make things work-related for the acquiring club.

Romo, 37 in April, has not been healthy and balanced for two complete seasons. However, he does have four Pro key selections top top his resume. In his last healthy and balanced season (2014), Romo perfect a league-high 69.9% of his passes through 3,705 yards v the air and 34 touchdowns against just nine interceptions.

The Broncos have actually been telling everyone that they are willing to get in 2017 with Siemian and Paxton Lynch together their quarterbacks. However, the Romo talk has actually been strong for main now and it sounds prefer they room looking to bring another star QB come Denver. The Broncos brought in Peyton Manning at a time as soon as the human being was writing him off and also they might have the ability to find the very same success right here with Romo. If they do get him, it will certainly be exciting to check out whether Romo will be put into an open competition with Lynch or given the starting job native the get-go.

Houston has actually not been together bullish top top a Romo acquisition as Denver has actually been report to be. Return neither side has specifically been aggressive, word the end of Houston to be the team was no going to go after Romo. The two-time reigning AFC south champions, though, walk not get close come what they hoped from Brock Osweiler this season. The Texans’ four-year $72MM contract — one that cannot be realistically removed from the payroll till 2018 — currently looks favor an albatross ~ the 6-foot-7 passer can not finish his very first Houston season without gift benched. He returned to the lineup when Tom Savage sustained a concussion and won a playoff game, yet Osweiler did not administer many signs he is the future in Houston.

The Cowboys would certainly take a ~$19MM cap hit this year if they were to profession Romo rather than release him. They might not spread it over two years together they can by designating that a short article June 1 cut.

The jets would favor to deal for Siemian however they will certainly look difficult at Jay Cutler if they cannot pull turn off a trade through Denver, Mortensen tweets. Best now, Siemian is arrangement A, Cutler is setup B, and it’s not clear what their plan C might be if both autumn through. The Jets, with restricted cap an are and small chance of completing in 2017, have actually very few options to address their vacancy under center.

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A seventh-round pick out of Northwestern, Siemian has actually two years and just $1.3MM left top top his rookie contract. He perfect 59 percent of his passes and led the Broncos come an 8-6 record. But two injuries sidelined him, providing feasible durability queries going forward.