Thousands the vinyl offerings await your testimonial at the CHIRP document Fair and also Other Delights. Not interested in boosting your record collection? CDs, DVDs, posters and also music-related accessories are additionally for sale. Bonus: the persons behind the Vintage Garage flea market organize a “retro marketplace.” Beer and snacks available for purchase.

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Details: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday in ~ Journeymen Plumbers Hall, 1340 W. Washington Blvd. $7; $25 tickets include beforehand admission at 8 a.m. And re-entry all day. | MAP


2. Laugh

Hosted by “Freakonomics” co-author Stephen Dubmer, the podcast “Tell Me Something ns Don’t Know” takes the form of a live game show, through a trio that celebrity panelists who hear out contestants who shot to wow them with an interesting piece of information. Your job? to sit ago and laugh.

Panelists in ~ this week’s show include rapper and producer Rhymefest, Chicago Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans and comedian Mary Catherine Curran. WBEZ “Curious City” audio producer Jesse Dukes serves together fact-checker.

Details: 8 p.m. Thursday in ~ Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport St. $25. | MAP

Che “Rhymefest” Smith shows up on Chicago tonight in respectable 2016.

3. Sip

Love beer? The River north Beer Festival offers a possibility to sample an ext than 25 suds. Food is obtainable for purchase.

Details: Noon-4 p.m. Saturday in ~ Old crow Smokehouse, 149 W. Kinzie St. $50. | MAP

Sample beers, mingle with other beer lover at the river North Beer Festival. (Paul Joseph / Wikimedia)

4. Adopt the blues

Get ahead of those Sunday blues with Lil ‘Ed & The Blues Imperials. The award-winning band, referred to as “electrifying” and also “raucous” by the Chicago Tribune, is in its 27th year.

Details: 9:30 p.m. Friday; 10 p.m. Saturday at Rosa’s Lounge, 3420 W. Armitage Ave. $15-$20. | MAP

5. Reminisce

As the Chicago Cubs look to repeat history, revisit the team’s historic World series run at “Cub moment of Victory: The Exhibition.Opie Otterstad is a Major league Baseball-sanctioned artist, whose paintings depict those i can not forget moments, including the seconds following the final out. Accomplish Otterstad Saturday and also Sunday; the exhibit proceeds through April 30.

Details: 6-9 p.m. Saturday; 1-4 p.m. Sunday in ~ Water Tower Place, 835 N. Michigan Ave. Free. | MAP

Anthony Rizzo and Opie Otterstad. (Courtesy of relevant Communications)

6. Equine around

Montreal-based agency Cavalia brings its horse-centric “Odysseo” present to Chicago – that is Midwest premiere. An ext than 65 horses and also 48 person artists perform tasks under a big top, billed as the “largest touring tent” in the world (it’s the size of a football field). The high-tech, Cirque du Soleil-like display celebrates the relationship in between horse and also rider.

More on this story: meet some of the artists connected in the show.

Details: 7 p.m. Thursday; 7:30 p.m. Friday; 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. Performances proceed through April 23 at Soldier Field’s south Lot, 1410 Museum Campus Drive. $134.50-$144.50; $79.50-$114.40 for children ages 2-12. | MAP

7. Explore

Pack her bags because that a family friendly Night at the Museum and you’ll gain a opportunity to explore the space by flashlight, hear Greek superordinary stories and participate in arts and crafts, Greek run lessons, cookie-baking and also movie-watching. For youngsters ages 4-14 and their parental or grandparents.

Details: 5 p.m. Friday-10 a.m. Saturday at the national Hellenic Museum, 333 S. Halstead St. $35. | MAP

8. Swirl

The Midwest Rum Festival features 50 arrays of the spirit, add to the opportunity to to visit brand seminars and soak increase mixology tips. Tickets include a tasting glass, tasting beat card and also snacks.

Details: Noon-5:30 p.m. Saturday at the Logan Square Auditorium, 2539 N. Kedzie Blvd. $25-$130; $10 “designated driver” tickets available. | MAP

Go on a rum run at the Midwest Rum Festival. (Kyle might / Flickr)

9. Admire

Dozens of occasions are planned for Chicago dance Month, including this weekend’s “Inside, dancing Out” routine from Lin Shook and also Perceptual Motion, Inc. The night of modern-day and modern work functions dancers between the ages of 23 and 83. 

Details: 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Ruth Page center for the Arts, 1016 N. Dearborn St. $18-$22. | MAP


10. Slither

ReptileFest 2017 is your one-stop shop to absorb every little thing you can around reptiles and amphibians. The two-day festival attributes hands-on interactions with hundreds of animals and the possibility to learn around those that are commonly misunderstood.

More: fulfill some the the animals participating in this weekend"s show.

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Details: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday at the physical Education complex of Northeastern Illionis University, 3600 W. Foster Ave. $11; $8 for kids ages 11 and also below. | MAP

Events provided are subject to change. We recommend double-checking times and also locations prior to you head out the door. Want to share your upcoming events with us for consideration in a future roundup? Send us an email.