: propaganda You might not think that some agitprop in your on facebook feed would really get under your skin. But that is exactly what smartly tuned postings … room designed to perform … — The day-to-day News of Los Angeles particularly : political propaganda promulgated chiefly in literature, drama, music, or arts Ample and gorgeous proof … that all was no agitprop in Russia"s postrevolutionary culture. — Sada Fretz … turning to studio top to churn the end the sort of rah-rah agitprop released during human being War II … — Graydon Carter … Harmon reserves several of his powerful soliloquies for personalities who probably oppose his private, an individual opinions. That is the difference, the course, in between art and also agitprop. — Samuel G. Freedman

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agitprop theater agitprop films/songs/posters an agitprop project Never has actually the Kremlin"s agitprop mill cooed much more seductively … — Richard Poe
Recent instances on the net and also the finest stuff is tough to find amid the rows and rows of agitprop. — Jason Kehe, Wired, 7 July 2021 as Catherine Gewertz laid the end in a item for education and learning Week so late last year, more and much more teachers in K–12 classrooms are introducing left-wing intersectional agitprop into mathematics lessons. — Cameron Hilditch, National Review, 5 Mar. 2021 The new team delivered the sobering forecast during its Wednesday briefing as part of an effort to be much more transparent with Americans ~ above the science and influence of the pandemic — noting a break from the agitprop of the previous administration. — Chronicle Staff, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 Feb. 2021 human being in action was a mélange of too many of various things wrapped right into filmmaking: There was a most documentary, a the majority of reportage, a the majority of journalism, a many strange televisual stunts that turned into programs, a most agitprop politics. — Bilge Ebiri, Vulture, 3 Feb. 2021 Spike Lee made 2 fascinating movies for 2020, released on two different streaming solutions (the various other is David Byrne’s American Utopia, a exorbitant concert film perfectly filtered with Lee’s agitprop storytelling style). — David Sims, The Atlantic, 10 Dec. 2020 in ~ one end, perhaps, is dull agitprop, and at the various other is pure abstraction. — Joshua Barone, New York Times, 18 Oct. 2020 His humor detailed the reality inspect on Chuck’s virtuoso agitprop tirades. — Armond White, National Review, 8 Apr. 2020 This was twenty-first-century agitprop, steeped in globalized society and designed for digital virality. — Jiayang Fan, The new Yorker, 9 Dec. 2019

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History and also Etymology because that agitprop

borrowed from Russian Agitprop, shortened indigenous Agitacionnopropagandistskij otdel "Agitation-Propaganda section (of the central Committee, or a regional committee, of the Communist Party)"; later used because that the head of such a section, or in compound names of political education and learning organs, together agitpropbrigada "agitation-propaganda brigade"

Note: Russian agitpróp was probably first used in the surname of state organs, then generalised as a shortening the agitatsiya ns propaganda "agitation and also propaganda," despite the chronology is uncertain. In the last sense well-known in Russian at the very least from the moment of Vladimir Mayakovsky"s poem Vo ves" golos (1928-30), comprise the line "i mne agitprop v zubakh navyaz" ("and i was sick and tired of agitprop," literally, "and agitprop stuck in my teeth").