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Burden of truth – Season 4

A huge city lawyer returns to her hometown to take it the instance of a team of girls enduring from a secret illness.

Eng HDEps4

The Circus: within the biggest Political present on planet – Season 6

Come one, come all to The Circus. This real-time documentary collection pulls ago the curtain on the existing political stories, revealing the intense, inspiring and infuriating stories behind the headlines….


Masumiyet (Innocence) – Season 1

Masumiyet adheres to the story of Bahar, a married mommy of two, who life transforms drastically after her 19-year-old daughter falls in love with a wrong man. Her daughter Ela’s first…


Valeria – Season 1,2

A writer in a creative and marital situation finds refuge and support in her three ideal friends. Based upon the novels by Elisabet Benavent.

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Kate Kane, equipped with a enthusiasm for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, soars top top the streets of Gotham together Batwoman, an out lesbian and also highly trained…

Paris Hilton have the right to cook…kind of. And she’s turning the classic cooking display upside down. She’s not a trained chef and also she’s no trying to be. V the aid of her…

In the forgotten town of Carp, Texas, panic is the only way out. Every summer the graduating seniors threat their lives contending in a collection of challenges for the chance…

“Have friend heard? The rubbish Heaven main is having actually an affair v the ghost realm’s number one bigshot!”

Vikings – Season 1,2,3,4,5,6 | Vikings transports united state to the brutal and mysterious human being of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and also farmer who yearns to explore – and raid –…

Two commonwealth agents native two different continents, and also two different mindsets, must work with each other to investigate once wreckage native a destroyed alien spacecraft has actually mysterious effects on humankind.

Follow motivating women living in communities marred through violence, poverty, trauma, discrimination, oppression and also natural disasters, and also yet, against all odds, challenge to dream, was standing out, speak up and also lead.

CDC researcher Abby Arcane investigates what seems to it is in a deadly swamp-born virus in a tiny town in Louisiana yet she soon discovers the the swamp holds mystical and also terrifying…

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