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"The Thunder Rolls" is a song co-written and also recorded through American country music artist Garth Brooks. It was released in April 1991 as the fourth and also final single from his album No Fences. The song came to be his sixth number one on the country chart. That was originally recorded by Tanya Tucker, but was never released till it showed up on her self-titled 1995 box set. She version had a fourth verse which Brooks self intended to usage on his version however did not at the pointer of producer Allen Reynolds. A modernized variation was recorded by Jet black Stare, however without the fourth verse. Metalcore band All That remains released a cover of the tune on April 28, 2017 on your eight studio album, Madness. This song additionally appears on Brooks" albums The Hits, The minimal Series, double Live and also The can be fried Hits.more »

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Three thirty in the morningNot a soul in sightThe city"s looking choose a ghost townOn a moonless summer nightRaindrops ~ above the windshieldThere"s a storm relocating inHe"s heading back from somewhereThat he never should have actually beenAnd the thunder rollsAnd the thunder rollsEvery irradiate is burningIn a house throughout townShe"s speed by the telephoneIn her faded flannel gownAsking because that a miracleHoping she"s no rightPraying it"s the weatherThat"s kept him out all nightAnd the thunder rollsAnd the thunder rollsThe thunder roll (the thunder rolls)And the lightning strikesAnother love grows coldOn a sleepless night (on a sleepless night)As the storm blows on out of controlDeep in her heartAs the thunder rollsShe"s waiting by the windowWhen that pulls into the driveShe rushes out to host himThankful he"s aliveBut ~ above the wind and also rainA strange brand-new perfume blowsAnd the lightning flashes in her eyesAnd the knows that she knowsAnd the thunder rollsAnd the thunder rollsAnd the thunder rollsThe thunder rolls (the thunder rolls)And the lightning strikesAnother love grows coldOn a sleepless nightAs the storm blows onOut the controlDeep in she heartAs the thunder rolfes (deep in she heart)Deep in her heartThe thunder rollsThe thunder rollsThe thunder rolfes onAnd the thunder rolls

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every That stays All That continues to be is an American hefty Metal tape from Springfield, Massachusetts, which developed in 1998. They have released 6 studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold nearly 800,000 documents worldwide. The group is composed of guitarists Oli Herbert and also Mike Martin, vocalist Philip Labonte, bassist Jeanne Sagan and also former Diecast drummer Jason Costa v Labonte and also Herbert gift the just two initial members.

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All of their singles have had actually music videos created for them other than "The waiting One". An ext »