a single customer. Keeping a long-term link involving trust and also mutual respect. Guaranteeing fair and equitable prices because that each client regardless that the dimension of the purchase. Giving cumulative discounts based upon customer loyalty and also the size of the client relationship. Guaranteeing fair and also equitable sales techniques for each customer regardless of the frequency of the purchase.

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maintaining a long-term link involving trust and mutual respect.


Customer worth is developed by relationship selling, and in order for this to occur a connection of common trust and respect must be established between the seller and also the buyer. And it takes time to develop a mutual trust and respect relationship, it is no something the happens immediately. The seller need to learn around the customer"s needs and must be able to provide specific products or services that accomplish those needs.

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How lot should a new graduate pay in 10 equal annual payments, starting 2 years from now, in order to repay a $30,000 loan that h
Marina86 <1>


each payment will for 4,320.60 dollars


First, we will calculate the future worth of the 30,000 two years indigenous now

then us calcaualtethe annuity existing value of this to understand the college student payment


loan student payments

the loan futre value will be:

30,000 x 1.06^2 = 33708

Now we calculate one annuity-due which 10 payment being made in ~ 6% discount rate

This will certainly be one annuity-due because today we are receiving the loan and also in excatly 2 years type now we will start the payment for this reason it will be in ~ the start of the period

Annuity-due formula


PV $33,708.00

time10 years

rate 0.06 discount rate


PTM = $ 4,320.601

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In i beg your pardon of the complying with instances will the impact on equilibrium price be dependent on the magnitude of the move in supply a
KatRina <158>


supply falls and also demand remains constant


As illustrated in the attached diagram, if supply shifts come the left (reduces) it result in a shortage of supply. Price rises come a brand-new equilibrium allude (P1 come P2) over previous price.

In the industry when there is shartage of supply of a product, over there is more competition by need to obtain the scarce resources, with time the equilibrium price rises.

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Depletion under Deep Mining Co. Acquired mineral legal rights for $81,250,000. The mineral deposit is approximated at 65,000,000 tons. Dur
sveta <45>

Answer and Explanation:

The computation is displayed below:

a. Because that depletion price

= got mineral rights ÷ approximated mineral deposits

= $81,250,000 ÷ 65,000,000 tons

= $1.25

b. For the amount of depletion cost for the existing year is

= Depletion rate × present year mined

= $1.25 × 17,550,000 tons

= $21,937,500

c. The newspaper entry is displayed below:

Depletion expense $21,937,500

To accumulated Depletion $21,937,500

(Being the depletion price is recorded)

For record this us debited the depletion expense as it enhanced the expense and also credited the built up depletion as it reduced the heritage

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When conducting an audience evaluation for a presentation, what need to you be all set to price from your audience?
Gennadij <26K>

Answer: E. What the audience currently knows about the subject Previous page


When conducting one audience evaluation for a presentation, what need to you be all set to prize from your audience?

E. What the audience already knows about the topic Previous page

audience analysis is the determination of interest, values and behavioral traits of either the readers and also listeners
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In markets where international competition is therefore fierce and also the expenses of contending on a an international basis space so high that only a
vazorg <7>


e. Strategic alliance


Strategic alliance -

It refers to a type of shared agreement in between two service providers to get mutually benefited by a usual project , is described as strategic alliance .

It is various from the of a joint undertaking , where the two people merge their resources to begin a new project .

But in instance of a strategic alliance the agreement in between the two parties is not very complex.

The agreement can be short term as well as long hatchet .

The commitment is signed in order to broaden into the new markets .

Hence , from the given information that the inquiry ,

The correct choice is e. Strategic alliance .

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