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"Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Black Lightning" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" were amongst the TV collection and streaming shows that dropped their final brand-new episodes in 2021.

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Here"s a roundup of several of the best titles from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Netflix and more that audiences stated goodbye to in the previous year. Few of the shows were canceled, while others were voluntarily retired.


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NBC canceled the musical dramedy certification Jane raise after two seasons.

In a measure of an excellent news for fans, Roku stepped in come revive the franchise because that a holiday-themed "Zoey"s particularly Playlist" movie, to debut top top the ad-supported streaming company the Roku Channel.

"NCIS: brand-new Orleans"

CBS/Getty pictures

Scott Bakula starred as distinct Agent Dwayne proud on "NCIS: brand-new Orleans." The "NCIS" spin-off ran for seven periods on CBS, indigenous 2014-2021.



America Ferrera play Amy Sosa on the rectal comedy "Superstore." She left the main actors after Season 5, but returned in Season 6 because that the series finale.

"Superstore" ran ~ above NBC native 2015-2021.

"Black Lightning"

The CW

In the DC Comics-based activity series, Cress Williams starred together a school primary who moonlights together a superhero.

"Black Lightning" break up its four-season run on the CW in may 2021.



A spin-off that the long-running "Black-ish," "Mixed-ish" was canceled by alphabet after 2 seasons.

Tika Sumpter and Mark-Paul Gosselaar starred top top the 2019-2021 comedy together the parents of Tracee Ellis Ross" "Black-ish" character.

"The Crew"


Kevin James returned to the three-camera TV sitcom form — and made his Netflix series debut — with this comedy collection in a NASCAR garage. But unlike "The King of Queens" and "Kevin can Wait," "The Crew" was not lengthy for the world.

Netflix did not reup the display for a brand-new season ~ its initial batch that 10 episodes to be released top top the streamer in February 2021.

"Judge Judy"

Bob Riha Jr./Getty images

Judy Sheindlin is seen here in 1997, throughout the 2nd season of she hit truth court show.

Sheindlin, a retired family members court judge, presided end "Judge Judy" because that 25 seasons, indigenous 1996-2021.

"The interlocutor Type"

Nino Munoz/Freeform/Getty images

Set in the people of the newspaper publishing, "The interlocutor Type" produced five periods of drama for Freeform, indigenous 2017-2021.



"Younger" finish its seven-season run on Paramount+. The comedy series previously dubbed TV soil home.

Sutton Foster starred together a fortysomething that masquerades as a twentysomething in order to land a task in publishing.



"Lucifer" could"ve finished after Season 3, when it was canceled by Fox. Or that could"ve concluded ~ Season 5, once Netflix announced that was finishing the series (before reversing that decision). Yet "Lucifer" couldn"t outrun TV death forever.

The finish came for the DC Comics-based fantasy-procedural after ~ Season 6.

Tom Ellis starred together the crime-solving "Lord that Hell." In all, the present ran indigenous 2016-2021.

"Good Girls"

Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU picture Bank/Getty pictures

Retta, Mae Whitman and also Christina Hendricks starred in "Good Girls" native 2018-2021.

The drama series, around a crime of desperation the morphs into an enterprise, to be canceled by NBC in June 2021.


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"Mom" star Allison Janney won 2 Primetime Emmys for playing Bonnie Plunkett on the CBS sitcom.

"Mom" finished in might 2021 v its Season 8 finale.

The display suffered a significant shakeup ~ Janney"s main co-star, Anna Farris, who played Bonnie"s daughter, departed the sitcom ~ Season 7.

"Lou Dobbs Tonight"

man Lamparski/Getty images

The onetime CNN anchor"s self-titled Fox company Network show was canceled in February 2021. The move came someday after Dobbs was named in a defamation lawsuit triggered by conspiracy theories worrying the 2020 presidential election. And also filed through the manufacturer of electronic voting technology.

Fox business Network dubbed the cancellation the "Lou Dobbs Tonight" "part of ... Planned changes."

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Universal tv

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was one more hard-to-kill series that met its finish for great in 2021.

The Andy Samberg-led ensemble police comedy originally ran top top Fox. When the network canceled it after Season 5, NBC offered the collection three an ext years.

In all, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" produced more than 150 episodes from 2013-2021.


Nathan Bolster/CBS/Getty pictures

The initial version the "MacGyver" ran for seven periods on ABC, from 1985-1992. The same-titled action-series reboot, led by Lucas Till, endured for five seasons on CBS.

The updated "MacGyver" aired its final episode in April 2021.


Kevin Mazur/Getty photos for WarnerMedia

Conan O"Brien is checked out at a media event in 2019. The comic"s TBS late-night show, "Conan," signed off on June 24, 2021, after ~ 11 years.

"Last male Standing"

Fox/Getty photos

Canceled by alphabet after its sixth season, "Last male Standing" score three more years top top Fox.

After nine seasons, and virtually 200 episodes in all, the Tim Allen-Nancy Travis sitcom stated farewell v a might 2021 finale titled, "Keep ~ above Truckin"."

"For Life"

Giovanni Rufino/Getty images

The legal drama "For Life," certification Nicholas Pinnock, was no renewed through ABC. The collection ran for two seasons, native 2020-2021.

"American Housewife"


Katy Mixon starred as Katie rose oil for 5 seasons ~ above the Connecticut-set comedy "American Housewife."

ABC didn"t make reservation a spot because that the present in its autumn 2021 schedule. The comedy dropped its final new episode in in march 2021. That ran for 5 seasons.



The Emmy-winning "Pose," featuring Mj Rodriguez, ran for three groundbreaking periods on FX, native 2018-2021.

"A small Late v Lilly Singh"

kris Haston/NBC/NBCU picture Bank/Getty pictures

In 2019, "A tiny Late v Lilly Singh" presume the NBC late-night point out vacated by "Last speak to With Carson Daly." The brand-new show aired its final episode in June 2021.

"The Kominsky Method"


The Emmy-nominated "Kominsky Method" to be an single-camera comedy about an exhilaration teacher (played by Michael Douglas) from sitcom giant Chuck Lorre ("Two and also a fifty percent Men," "The huge Bang Theory").

The series dropped its third and final season on Netflix in may 2021.

"The Moodys"

Fox/Getty photos

Originally a Christmastime-set family members comedy, "The Moodys" to be canceled in advancement of its summertime-aired Season 2 finale.

The 2019-2021 display was based on a same-titled Australian series. It starred Dennis Leary and Elizabeth Perkins.

"The Unicorn"

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"The Unicorn" starred Walton Goggins as a widowed father reentering the dating scene. It was canceled through CBS after two seasons.


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The short-lived "Debris" ran native March 2021 to might 2021 on NBC. The sci-fi drama starred Riann Steele and also Jonathan Tucker as government agents on the hunting for, yes, debris from a space-alien craft.

"Keeping Up through the Kardashians"

E! to chat

After 20 seasons and nearly 14 years, a TV era ended when "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" aired that final new episode ~ above E! on June 20, 2021.

The present didn"t invent the reality show, but its household of stars, including Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner, assisted elevate the file — and also influence —of the reality star.


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Katey Sagal has actually starred in a variety of long-running TV series, including "Married... Through Children" and "Sons of Anarchy." "Rebel," among her latest projects, however, was a one-season-and-done legal drama for ABC.

The show premiered in April 2021, and also dropped that is final new episode in June 2021.

"Prodigal Son"

Fox/Getty photos

The police drama "Prodigal Son" ran for two seasons on Fox, indigenous 2019-2021. Tom Payne starred together a previous FBI profiler —and offspring of a serial killer.

"Home & Family"

Paul Archuleta/Getty photos

"Home & Family" finish a nine-year operation on the Hallmark Channel in respectable 2021. The present was a reboot of a same-titled morning chat-fest that ran in the 1990s ~ above what to be then recognized as the family Channel.

Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopoulos held the show"s most recent iteration.

"Good Witch"

Hallmark Channel

On "Good Witch," "JAG" vet Catherine Bell starred together the bed-and-breakfast-running title character.

The show ran because that seven periods on the Hallmark Channel, indigenous 2015-2021.



The profane, Primetime Emmy-winning "Shameless" controlled to complement the output of that same-titled brother forerunner: 11 seasons.

The U.S. Version, starring wilhelm H. Macy, aired top top Showtime, and produced more than 125 illustration from 2011-2021.

"Dear White People"


"Dear White People," featuring Ashley Blaine Featherson, and based ~ above the same-titled 2014 film, debuted ~ above Netflix in 2017. The college-life comedy series dropped the fourth and also final season in September 2021.



"Shrill" put "Saturday Night Live" player Aidy Bryant in the spotlight, and earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Based on the non-fiction title, "Shrill: note From a loud Woman," the comedy collection dropped its third and final season ~ above Hulu on may 7, 2021.

"Call her Mother"


"Call her Mother" significant Kyra Sedgwick"s an initial starring function in a sitcom, yet briefly.

The "Closer" star"s comedy ran on alphabet for 13 episodes, from January 2021 to might 2021.



"Betty" ran for two periods on HBO, from 2020-2021. The comedy collection focused on teenager skateboarders.


Amazon Prime video clip

In "Bosch," Titus Welliver starred as author Michael Connelly"s crime-novel creation, Los Angeles homicide detective harry Bosch.

The crime collection produced 68 episodes for Amazon Prime video in a seven-season operation that finished in June 2021.

"Bless the Harts"

Fox/Getty pictures

This animated comedy ran because that two seasons on Fox, from 2019-2021.

"Bless the Harts" starred the voices the "Saturday Night Live" alums Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

"Dad prevent Embarrassing Me!"


Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx co-created and also starred in this traditional family sitcom produced Netflix.

"Dad avoid Embarrassing Me!" was about a dad (played by Foxx) and also his teenager daughter (played by Kyla-Drew). It released what proved to it is in its one and also only season top top April 14, 2021.



In Netflix"s "Aytpical," Keir Gilchrist starred together a teenager with autism. The streaming company dropped what it stated would it is in the series" fourth and also final season ~ above July 9, 2021.

"Wynonna Earp"


Melanie Scrofano starred together the title character in this Canadian-production that ran in the United states on Syfy.

About a descendant the the Old West"s Wyatt Earp, the supernatural-tinged "Wynonna Earp" developed four seasons, native 2016-2021. That was based on the comic-book collection of the very same name.

"The Republic of Sarah"

The CW

This one-season-and-done CW collection packed a lot of premise right into its 13 episodes: "The Republic that Sarah" came to a new Hampshire city that, v a collection of events, becomes its own country — a country led by a high-school teacher called Sarah (played by Stella Baker).

The present premiered in June 2021 and was done by September 2021.

"Country Comfort"


"Country Comfort" was one more of Netflix"s short-lived, three-camera sitcoms. This one played choose "The Nanny" through a southerly accent, and starred Katharine McPhee together a Nashville nation singer that finds a task as a live-in nanny to three children.

What confirmed to it is in the lone season for "Country Comfort" reduce on Netflix in in march 2021.

"Punky Brewster"


A revival and continuation that the same-titled family members sitcom of the 1980s, Peacock"s "Punky Brewster" starred much of the franchise"s original cast, consisting of Soleil Moon Frye.

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The 2021-launched version was not renewed past its initial, 10-episode an initial season.


Amazon Prime video

In "Goliath," Billy Bob Thornton starred together lawyer Billy McBride.

The legal drama series debuted in 2016. That concluded its run on Amazon Prime video clip in September 2021, through the relax of that fourth and final season.