-1883-Banned federal candidates indigenous requiring that federal employees occupational on their projects or make financial contributions. -Extended the about rule come all commonwealth civil organization workers-Previously, government workers were expected to make campaign contributions in order to save their jobs.

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-1905-President Theodore Roosevelt proposed the "all contribute by corporations to any political committee or for any type of political purpose need to be forbidden by law." -The proposal, however, contained no limitations on project contributions indigenous the world who owned and also ran corporations. Roosevelt likewise called for public financing of commonwealth candidates via your political parties.
-1907-Prohibited corporations and nationally chartered (interstate) financial institutions from making direct financial contributions to commonwealth candidates. However, weak enforcement instrument made the action enforceable.
-1940-Set border 5,00 every year on individual contributions to a commonwealth candidate or political committee (but that didn"t protect against contributors from providing that amount come multiple committees, each working from the same candidate). -Made campaign finance regulations applicable to primaries and also general elections.-Banned contribute to federal candidates from individuals and business working for the federal government
-1943-Extended to union the barred on contributions to federal candidates indigenous corporations and also interstate financial institutions -following significant increase, beginning in 1936, in labor"s use of union fee to support federal candidates
-1944-First Political action Committee (PAC) was formed by congress of industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1944 to raise money because that re-election of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt.-Because PAC money came from voluntary contribute from union members, quite than native union treasuries (i.e. Union dues), that was not prohibited by the Smith-Connally Act.
-1947-Made permanent the half on contributions to federal candidates indigenous unions, corporations, and also interstate banks, and also extended the ban to encompass primaries and also general elections.
-1967-Former Congressman W. Play Jennings was an initial Clear of house of to represent to execute his duty under 1925 Corrupt methods Act to collect campaign finance reports and to report violators.-However the Justice department ignored his perform of violators.
Repealed Corrupt techniques Act and created an extensive framework because that regulation of federal project financing of primaries, runoffs, basic elections and conventions.-Required full and timely disclosure-Set ceilings top top media proclaiming unions and corporations to solicit voluntary contributions from members, employees, and also stockholders, and permitted union and corporate treasury money to be used for overhead in operation PACs.
-1971-Companion Legistlation to FECA-Created public project fund because that eligible presidential candidates (starting v 1976 election) v provision of voluntarily one-dollar examine off top top federal income tax returns-Provided option of $50 tax deduction (for separation, personal, instance filers) for donation to local, state, or commonwealth candidates (provision eliminated in 1978) or 12.50 taxes credit
-1974-Set up modern controversies-Provided choice of full public financing because that presidential basic elections, equivalent funds because that presidential primaries, and also public funds for presidential nomination conventions-set spending boundaries for chairman primaries and general elections, and also for House and Senate primaries-Revision (previously enforced) spending boundaries for House and also Senate basic elections. -Created individual donation limit that $1,000 come a candidate every elections and also PAC contribution limit of $5,000 come a candidate per election (triggering PAC boom of late "70s)-Limited accumulation individual contributions to $25,000 per year-Limited candidates personal contributions to their own projects -Limited independent expenditures on behalf of a candidate to $1,000 per election-Ended 1940 nan on contributions from individuals and groups functioning on government contracts-Abolished boundaries on media adversiting -Created commonwealth Election the supervisory board (FEC) to carry out campaign law, v Congress come appoint four of 6 commissioners
-1976 restrictions in FECA (as amended in 1974) challanged as unconstitutional violate of cost-free speech-Supreme Court upheld disclosure requirements, boundaries on individual contributions, and also voluntary publicly financing and also affirmed President"s authority to choose all six FEC commissioners-Court win down, as infringement on totally free speech, limits, on candidate expenditures (unless candidate accepts public financing), boundaries on contribute by candidates and also their family members to their own campaigns, and also limits top top "independent expenditures" (election spending no coordinate with candidates or their committees).

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-1976-Brought FECA right into conformity through Buckley decision-Limited individual donation to national parties to $20,000 per year, and individual donation to a PAC to $5,000 per year.
-1979-Increased amount volunteer could add in-kind (use that home, food, vehicle) indigenous $500 come $1000-Raised threshold because that reporting donation from $100 to $200-Effectively banned FEC native conducting random audits-Allowed state and also local parties to promote federal candidates by safety unlimited amounts on campaign materials (signs, bumper stickets, etc) use by volunteers and on voter registion and also get-out-the vote drives-SOFT MONEY BEGINS


Government in America: People, Politics, and also PolicyGeorge C. Edwards III, boy name P. Wattenberg, Robert L. Lineberry


United states Government: values in practice (Florida)Luis Ricardo Fraga
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