It to be the Pythagoreans in the sixth century BC that were one of the first groups come popularize the idea the numbers are not just mathematical symbols, but they actually lug spiritual significance. Together Pythagoras was as soon as quoted to have said, “Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and also daemons.”

Thanks come Pythagoras, we have the system of numerology which ascribes different definitions to numbers. But numerology is only one next of the coin: numbers have been provided special interpretations all transparent history, religion, and cultural mythology. Native the far east to our own western heritage, numbers have actually carried meaning for millennia.

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Zero is representative that the primordial void, the womb, the kingdom of potential. Zero is a circle that symbolizes totality: that which precedes life, the eternal force. It is nothing and everything, the beginning and the end. Zero is frequently symbolic of soul or God, and hence the unity and also wholeness.

Number 1

One symbolizes leadership, strength, and confidence. Number one is choose a straight arrow which reflects willpower and precision. One is likewise reflective of individuality, self-discovery, and self-empowerment. Unlike zero, i m sorry is feminine and also receptive, one has actually a masculine and also willful energy.

Number 2

Two is the variety of duality; the break-up we consciousness in life between light and darkness, inside and outside, yin and yang, masculine and also feminine, good and bad, life and also death, mind and heart, and also so on. On one hand, 2 symbolizes partnership, but on the other, it symbolizes conflict and also opposition. When balanced, 2 is a variety of harmony, but when imbalanced, the number two can be destructive.

Number 3

Three is commonly seen as a particularly lucky and an effective number. Three represents the divine principle that underlies life such together the mind, body, and also spirit; birth, life and also death; beginning, middle and also end; past, present and also future, and so forth. Spiritual legacies such as Wicca and Christianity indicate the spiritual force as a triune, because that example, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and also the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. 3 is symbolic the success, intuition, and good fortune.

Number 4

Four is a grounded and stable number that evokes a emotion of calmness and also solidity. 4 is an extremely much rooted in the physics world and is about being present and in the “now.” for example, there are 4 seasons, four elements, and four corners that the earth. Four is about building a strong structure and occurring a down-to-earth perspective.

Number 5

Five is a number of adventure and freedom. 5 is likewise a really sensual number (five senses, five fingers and also toes) and it’s about enjoying life, trying new experiences, and also seeking out pleasure. This number is likewise connected to experiencing life transforms (such together marriage, divorce, new jobs) and also making vital choices.

Number 6

Six represents a balance between the earthly and spiritual realms. 6 is also connected to intuition, clairvoyance, and other extrasensory capacities (hence the “sixth” sense). In numerology, six is the variety of the caretaker; the human being who nurtures and also compassionately offer others.

Number 7

Seven is a wonder number that is associated with synchronicity, luck, and also perfection (seven chakras, 7 colors the the rainbow, seven days in the week, etc.). Seven is additionally seen as a mystical number that is linked to spirituality awakening, introspection, and also the advance of wisdom. This number is associated with the search of Truth and the desire because that a deeper knowledge of life.

Number 8

Eight is linked to abundance, prosperity, and financial well-being. Resourcefulness, tough work, determination, and also inner strength room all features of eight. Spiritually, eight is viewed as an equalizer or balancer (hence that is shape) the unites the mindful with the unconscious, and earthly through the spiritual. In other words, eight is reflected in the proverb “you will enjoy what friend sow.”

Number 9

Nine is the variety of fulfillment. Wisdom, self-examination, enlightenment, and higher consciousness are all qualities associated with number nine. Nine is likewise connected come one’s greater purpose and ultimate life mission; this number urges us to take a bird’s eye check out of our lives.

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Number 10

Ten to represent completion: the ending of a cycle and the attainment the wholeness. Ten is both masculine and also feminine and also reflects the unity the is feasible once we combine the fragmentized pieces of our inner selves.