Good nstayinfiji.coms: Cher (okay, a replica of Cher) renders a cameo in this episode. Bad nstayinfiji.coms: She’s dead. Likewise dead? play — or at the very least that’s what Tandy thinks.

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After Todd ran end Pat in critical week’s episode, the corridor sought refuge in a mansion for fear that if play was without doubt alive, he’d come after ~ them. This mansion transforms out to belong come the “Believe” singer, whose virus-stricken human body is hanging out in the bedroom. “She still looks radiant,” one awestruck Carol observes. However she can’t swoon end the dead superstar for too long, since they all require to figure out what come do around this entirety Pat mess. Pat, always ruining everything!

And what a mess it is: Tandy find what appears to be Dead Pat and also tells the group around this discovery. Everyone’s honestly nice relieved, except for bad Todd, that feels awful. Like, can’t-stop-sobbing awful. Which is understandable! Most civilization (a.k.a. Basically anyone but Melissa) would probably ugly-cry their small hearts out after accidentally killing someone. Tandy can’t was standing seeing Todd so take it up, though, for this reason he does a really Tandy thing and tells Todd that Pat’s actually still alive. At least he has good intentions?

Todd desires to go apologize come Pat for running him over, therefore Tandy insists on going end there very first to heat him up a little. What this really way is he’s going over to the residence to scrawl messages like “I’M for this reason ANGRY” and “SEE girlfriend IN HELL” top top the wall surfaces in red paint to make it look choose Pat is together deranged — and, most importantly, alive! — together ever. Again, Todd buys it, and he’s not too thrilled around the idea of a murderous pat on the loose.

The two go earlier to the group and Tandy needs they all remain at Cher’s because that a an ext days. Weirdly, most of them want to simply go ago to the house, and that’s when Todd breaks: He tells them Pat’s still kicking and that he’s mad. Really mad.

This sends the entire house into finish chaos. Carol’s looking for award statuettes to usage as tools while the progressively bloodthirsty Melissa is trying to figure out how to death him if she doesn’t have a gun. Meanwhile, Tandy’s freaking the end a little that his lie has blown up prefer this. He confesses to Carol that Pat is dead, and together, they hatch a plan to remedy the situation. Spoiler: It’s a damaging one.



So that’s embarrassing, however it does result in something good: Tandy admits play is dead, and also reveals the only reason that lied was so Todd wouldn’t feeling bad. “I didn’t want you to have to live with that,” the says. “It’s the nicest point anyone’s ever before done for me,” Todd responds. It’s a genuinely sweet moment that concludes v everyone (except for Lstayinfiji.comis, who’s transforming out to be Tandy’s an individual Toby Flenderson) embracing in a team hug. Aww. that Pat, the conspiracy theorist, to be going to be the one to bring everyone together favor this?

The warm-and-fuzzies don’t critical long. Everyone heads earlier to the house, whereby Tandy go them with his fake crime step — which, for the record, has poop he stuck in the oven, because a crap-filled oven is absolutely what girlfriend think of as soon as you think “crime scene” — and also it’s over there they establish the watercraft that Pat, Lstayinfiji.comis, and also their fallen friend arrived on is gone. An interpretation someone take it the boat. An interpretation Pat…is most likely alive after all. Meaning? They’re all scrstayinfiji.comed.

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Will Forte stars together Phil Miller, the last guy on Earth, who is simply trying to acquire by in Tucson, Arizona.