“What is there around a heavy molar-rattling explosion the sets the blood atingle? and brings roses to the cheeks?”

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140 character Movie evaluation – #140RVW

May be the best kept mystery in America. Need to be a holiday classic watched every July 4th, other than WGBH/PBS never re-airs it. Deadly mistake.

Spoiler-free Movie testimonial of The an excellent American fourth of July and also Other Disasters:

Jean Shepherd was an distinct voice and also national treasure. Many world loved his miscellaneous radio & tv performances over the years, however he is probably best remembered together co-writer and also narrator that A Christmas Story. And also what a good legacy to be remembered by, the course. Yet there room a great many other of his story out there, also if they require some searching.

My dad love Jean Shepherd native his performances ~ above WGBH in Boston and a present run ~ above PBS American Playhouse. Lock made four shows because that American Playhouse, one being The great American fourth of July and also Other Disasters. I experienced it as a kid growing up in the suburbs that Boston, and it is the only one I’ve checked out to date, yet I will be looking for the rest, since it is amazing. Having uncovered it on Youtube (thanks interwebs!) ns watched it for the first time due to the fact that it aired in 1982. That is even better than ns remembered…

The story finds the same family from A Christmas Story but takes place when Ralphie is in high school, and played by a an extremely young Matt Dillon. Ralph plays in the high college band (played through the Chelmsford High institution Marching Band) and also fancies self a cultured stud who feels put upon when he is talked into taking his friend’s cousin out on a date. He’s gained to endure a blind date, in march in the parade, and also be prepared for the Old Man’s massive fireworks spectacular.

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And he can’t even uncover a wash cloth…

The show shines the exact same insightful light on the 4th of July together the movie did ~ above Christmas, and every one of the hallmarks the that picture are here: that an excellent narration, the zany schemes of the characters, the side-splitting scenarios as soon as life intervenes, all v that an excellent heart and nostalgia-tinged recollection the a master storyteller. A must-see…

Trailer (actually, it’s a playlist include the entirety show):

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