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With kathleen Stassen Berger"s always contemporary, always compelling textbook, students find out to see exactly how the an easy ideas that developmental psychology use to their own lives, the stays of those around them, and the stays of rather of all life stages and also in cultures all about the world. Berger"s stare voice, wide-ranging social perspective, and focus on universal themes captivate students native the outset, helping them master the crucial theoretical and scientific work-related driving the field of developmental psychology today. What"s in the LaunchPad

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Kathleen Stassen Berger completed her undergraduate education and learning at Stanford University and Radcliffe College, earned her M.A.T. Indigenous Harvard University and an M.S. And also Ph.D. Native Yeshiva University. Her broad variety of suffer as an educator consists of directing a preschool, to teach philosophy and humanities at the unified Nations global School, teaching child and adolescent development to graduate students at Fordham University, to teach inmates earning paralegal levels at sing Sing Prison, and also teaching undergraduates in ~ both Montclair State University and Quinnipiac University. She has likewise been involved in education and learning as the president of ar School plank in District two in Manhattan.

For over three decades, Berger has taught human advancement at Bronx community College the the City university of brand-new York. The students catalent Berger teaches every year come from diverse ethnic, economic, and also educational backgrounds representing a wide selection of interests and consistently respect her v the highest possible teaching evaluations. Berger’s developmental messages are at this time being offered at practically 700 colleges and also universities in a dozen countries and in five languages. Kathleen’s research study interests encompass adolescent identity, sibling relationships, and also bullying. Together the mom of 4 daughters, as well as a new grandmother, she brings to her teaching and writing ample firsthand suffer with human development.

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Table of Contents

Part i Beginnings1. Development 2. Beginnings: theory of development 3. Beginnings: Heredity and Environment 4. Beginnings: Parental advance and BirthPart II The an initial Two Years5. The an initial Two Years: Biosocial breakthrough 6. The first Two Years: Cognitive breakthrough 7. The an initial Two Years: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart III at an early stage Childhood 8. At an early stage Childhood: Biosocial advance 9. At an early stage Childhood: Cognitive development 10. At an early stage Childhood: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart IV middle Childhood11. Center Childhood: Biosocial advancement 12. Center Childhood: Cognitive advancement 13. Center Childhood: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart V Adolescence14. Adolescence: Biosocial advancement 15. Adolescence: Cognitive advancement 16. Adolescence: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart VI emerging Adulthood17. Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial breakthrough 18. Arising Adulthood: Cognitive advancement 19. Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart VII Adulthood 20. Adulthood: Biosocial advance 21. Adulthood: Cognitive development 22. Adulthood: Psychosocial DevelopmentPart VIII: so late Adulthood23. So late Adulthood: Biosocial advance 24. Late Adulthood: Cognitive advancement 25. Late Adulthood: Psychosocial DevelopmentEpilogue: Death and Dying

Editorial Reviews

"I really prefer Berger’s composing style. It is no as dry as most textbooks. In mine opinion, her writing style holds the attention of the reader, and also she makes an excellent use that visuals to aid readers know the content. The study is current, and so the contents is current and relevant."— Laurie A. Bulock, Michigan State University"Kathleen Berger"s Life expectancy text provides an engaging, comprehensive, and updated coverage of the life span, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature the the field."— Virginia Tompkins, The Ohio State university - Lima"Berger"s book is a good text for extending the lifespan, because it is written from the bio-psycho-social perspective and also is detailed, comprehensive, interactive, and approachable because that students. Berger"s writing format is truly engaging, together I regularly hear indigenous students. Her coverage of multidisciplinary perspectives and research is one of the an essential reasons I continue to use this text."—Melissa Cannon, west Oregon University"I have used this text due to the fact that I started teaching the food 25 years ago. We have ongoing to adopt it since students discover it very engaging, readable, and interesting. They feel they can hear the voice that Dr. Berger, and also they choose her. We have actually evaluated a few other texts and considered an altering several times however other texts seem dry by comparison and do not have actually the same focus on application of ideas to day-to-day life."—Catherine Deering, Clayton State University