If girlfriend occasionally have actually trouble seeing items on your display in Windows, friend can adjust the setups to make text and also images on the screen show up larger, enhance the contrast in between items on the screen, and also hear on-screen text read aloud.

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You can readjust many the these setups on the Make the computer system easier to view page in the ease of accessibility Center. Because that information around other settings, see acquiring the finest display on your monitor.

Open the Make the computer easier to see page by clicking the Start button

, clicking control Panel, clicking Ease the Access, click Ease of accessibility Center, and also then click Make the computer system easier to see.

Select the options that you want to use:

Choose a High comparison theme. This option enables you to set a high-contrast shade scheme that heightens the shade contrast of some text and images top top your computer system screen, make those items much more distinct and also easier to identify.

Turn top top or turn off High contrast when Left Alt + Left shift + Print display screen is pressed. This option permits you to toggle a high-contrast design template on or turn off by pushing the Left Alt+Left Shift+Print display screen keys.

Turn ~ above Narrator. This choice sets Narrator come run as soon as you log on to her computer. Narrator reads big on-screen text and also describes some occasions (such as error messages appearing) that take place while you"re making use of the computer.

Turn ~ above Audio Description. This choice sets Audio explanation to run when you log on to your computer. Audio Descriptions explain what"s keep going in videos.

Change the size of text and icons. This option allows you to do text and also other item on her screen appear larger, therefore they"re much easier to see.

Turn on Magnifier. This choice sets Magnifier come run as soon as you log in on to your computer. Magnifier enlarges the component of the display screen where the computer mouse is pointing and can it is in especially helpful for city hall objects that are an overwhelming to see.

Adjust the color and transparency the the window borders. This option permits you to change the figure of home window borders to make them simpler to see.

Fine tune display effects. This option allows you come customize how specific items appear on your desktop.

Make the emphasis rectangle thicker. This option makes the rectangle approximately the currently selected items in dialog crate thicker, which makes it less complicated to see.

Set the thickness the the blinking cursor. This option permits you to make the blinking cursor in dialog boxes and also programs thicker and easier to see.

Turn off all unnecessary animations. This choice turns off animation effects, such as fading effects, as soon as you close windows and also other elements.

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Remove elevator images. This alternative turns off every unimportant, overlapped content and background photos to help make the display easier to see.