Remember that geneticist in ~ the beginning of critical week’s episode? Yeah, based on the location of this illustration — “The youngsters of Gabriel” — it’s safe to say he’ll pat a larger duty in the story than just “that scientist man who escaped.”

Foreshadowing aside, because this is The 100, nothing’s ever before black and also white… and also it shows up Sanctum is as morally facility as every other group on the show. Clarke and also her friends have finished up comfortably imprisoned by the Sanctumites and their leader, and while Clarke make the efforts to to convince him that they’re worth saving, Bellamy comes face-to-face — again — through the darkness in Octavia as they go to retrieve the transfer ship. But a mysterious, dangerous team is mobilizing in the forest, and also it seems Clarke and also her girlfriend will quickly be attracted into yet an additional nasty conflict.

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Death Is no the End

The episode opens up seconds after critical week’s. Murphy beginning seizing up, and he’s saved by the arrival of a mysterious leader number (hello, JR Bourne!). Together Clarke and her friends watch, among the guys pulls out a snake, and also its gift nullifies Murphy’s illness. They obtain a short moment of happiness when Murphy starts breathing again, climate the leader assignment his man to lock lock up.

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In captivity, the team bickers. They’re interrupted by a look at friendly group of Sanctumites who market them drinks referred to as “Jo Juice,” after Josephine Prime. The leader who saved Murphy walks in, and also he’s formally presented as “Russell Lightbourne.” Russell says Clarke’s deliver ship needs to be flown onto Sanctum grounds. Raven, Echo and also Octavia opt to walk to the ship, while the rest stick behind. Clarke’s uncomfortable to hear the Madi was on it, however Bellamy guarantees he’ll lug her daughter back.


Violence Is a Contagion

Clarke the town hall her group leave, and also Russell viewpoints her. The tells she she’s walk to like it there, and also that they’ll talk around whether or not her group can continue to be over dinner. Earlier at the hold area, Jordan, much like his namesake, breaks the rules and also leaves the hold area. That stumbles upon among the ladies who provided them drink earlier, and they talk and flirt. He’s saved from having actually to go back into stop by the girl, whose surname is Delilah. She claims to not have influence, yet clearly, she word carries weight.

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Dressed in a gorgeous pink gown, Clarke attends an extravagant dinner at the castle with Russell and also his wife. She speak them they’re make the efforts to begin over and do better, and that she demands Russell’s assist to endure on the planet. Unfortunately, Jordan’s already told Delilah, who told them, around her deadly past. Russell — probably rightly — is wary the her and also doesn’t think she deserve to change. The orders Clarke to paris her deliver ship back to room when that returns.


Children the Gabriel

On the ship, Gaia help Madi v her training. Diyoza chuckles at their routine, which brings on an dispute — it’s very clear Diyoza’s crimes have not to be forgiven — but their bickering is cut short by a team of civilization who look at suspiciously prefer Grounders in much more colorful clothing. They are’t able to obtain the ship door closed before the Grounders shoot them with paralytic darts.

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Madi and a not-paralyzed-because-the-dart-hit-her-vest Diyoza watch together the group refers to itself as “The children of Gabriel,” and chants “death come Primes!” They’re planning something because that the second Moon, which seems to be that night. The Sanctumites hear the chanting and also refuse to walk further, leaving Bellamy’s team alone. They organize off until nightfall, yet the kids have take away the guns. Octavia kills the team carrying the weapons, but due to the fact that they were withdrawing, bad blood surges again between the Blakes. Upset and also convinced his sister passed away a long time ago, Bellamy pipeline Octavia rather of taking her on the ship. “Fine,” she says. “I should’ve died in the gorge, anyway.”


Death to Primes

While Clarke’s in ~ dinner, Jordan talks to Delilah. She kisses him and they nearly take things farther, but she faints suddenly. Once Jordan transforms her over, he finds a dart in her back. The guy who shot she takes Delilah.

Abby tries to console an upset Murphy, who saw something once he “died” and thinks he’s going to Hell. As soon as Clarke returns from dinner she go to uncover Jordan, and, under the order of the guard, goes after the male who took Delilah. She’s injured in the attempt, and also Russell and his safety take her to the greenhouse to aid her. He reveals that they’re Nightbloods, too, but before they can discuss an ext of Sanctum’s mythology, a worried mommy rushes in and also tells Russell her daughter has been taken. The insists they’ll obtain her back.


The forest is my Weapon

Back v her group, Clarke has actually just sufficient time to acquire upset at Jordan for telling the Primes around their history when Bellamy’s team reunites through them. She and also Madi re-publishing a happy embrace, and also Russell tells them that because Clarke saved Delilah, they have the right to stay. Well, not all of them can — once Russell to learn Diyoza is v them, he says she’ll it is in escorted external the forcefield (apparently her confront is v Hitler and also Bin Laden in the history books). Madi’s no happy around this, yet Clarke holds she back.

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In the forest, the youngsters of Gabriel reassemble after effectively completing at the very least some of their mission. Octavia viewpoints them and tells their leader, Xavier, to choose up a weapon. Rather of law that, Xavier root cause a gas to explode that renders O fall down, choking and gagging… and it’s clear that whatever comes following for the Children, Octavia will be part of it.

Other Observations

I nearly need to clock this episode again to capture all the complexity of Sanctum’s mythology. The kids of Gabriel are probably descended native Gabriel the geneticist, and also Sanctum’s rulers are descended indigenous Sean Maguire’s character, and also for some reason, they’re at odds. But there was so lot to take in that one the town hall isn’t quite sufficient to catch all the references to old plot points and also foreshadowing because that the remainder of the season! Murphy absolutely damaged my heart this episode. I’m encouraged what he observed was the effect of the toxins, but it must have actually rattled the badly enough to make him re-evaluate his totality life. (Also, that knew Murphy had any type of knowledge around Christian ideas of Heaven and Hell?) offered his new concerns because that the state of his soul, it’ll be exciting to check out where his personality goes native here. Jordan environment-friendly is such a sweetheart, however I thought his innocent nature might get used to the Sanctumites’ advantage. Because he’s just learning about people and all the not-so-fun stuff the comes with connecting with humans other than one’s parents, it’ll be intriguing to see if he ends up turning bitter (after all, the was just trying come help!) or if he finds a friend that can assist him figure out how to relate to the world… and also when to placed his walls up. Oh, the Blake siblings. That wouldn’t be The 100 if the Blakes weren’t fighting. I execute think they require some time apart and also that’s what’s best and also healthiest because that them both, appropriate now: Octavia especially, given how shed she’s become. She might come to be a Grounder again this season, in a method — if The children of Gabriel space the Grounders, or the outsiders, in this situation. Can joining a side and fighting in a war where anyone isn’t feather to she for salvation assist her find herself again?

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