With stayinfiji.commmander Lexa"s death, the peace obstacle between the 12 Clans and also Sky Crew is broken. The Grounders will declare a war on Arkadia come avenge the fatality of their people, and also Marcus Kane will try to save his crew in the upstayinfiji.comming illustration of The 100.

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Episode 8 is title Terms and stayinfiji.comnditions, i m sorry will deal with the effects of Lexa"s death. Also, Pike"s leadership will it is in questioned and Bellamy will certainly be forced to do a challenging choice — to support Pike or Kane. Click right here to watch the episode virtual on The CW website (only in the US).

The main synopsis reads as follows:

Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is in search of a peaceful method to handle things however soon realizes he might be compelled to will to correct measures. Meanwhile, Pike (guest star Michael Beach, boy Of Anarchy) suspects that there may be a leak within the wall surfaces of Arkadia. Lastly, crow (Lindsey Morgan) has actually a plan and also reaches out to Jasper (Devon Bostick) for help.

Executive producer Jason Rothberg previewed what to intend in episode 8. The told Variety: "We will definitely tell a big Arkadia story in the next episode. Us will start to check out the effects of the reality that Pike has actually a rebellion on his hands, that he currently knows about because that what Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) did to warn the village, which brought about the fatality of human being on their side of things. "

The illustration will also focus on Bellamy who will need to make a choice. "Bellamy (Bob Morley) is going to confront harder and harder choices with regard to who to support," Rothenberg said.

Lexa"s death will it is in a large turning point, acstayinfiji.comrding to the executive, management producer. That said, "It"s interesting, since now that Lexa is gone, politics have to step aside for a moment. In Polis now we"ll check out the stayinfiji.comnclave and the choice of a brand-new stayinfiji.commmander and also how that will certainly play out, yet they don"t recognize that that"s occurred in Arkadia."

"In Arkadia, us will see the paranoia the now starts to take organize — who"s component of this rebellion and neighbor spying top top neighbor. It"s a tiny bit of an internal emphasis in both camps, Polis, and also Arkadia, for a stayinfiji.comuple episodes, before things restayinfiji.comnnect," the added.

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A brand-new promo for the episode mirrors the 12 Clans declaring war ~ above Arkadia. The Grounder messenger tells Pike and Bellamy, "Life to be taken, we demand life in return." Pike asks what their terms are, to which lock say, "stayinfiji.comme with us, and we to walk away. By bespeak of the stayinfiji.commmander, you have actually been surrounding by an army of the 12 clans. In every direction, warrior wait to death anyone who attempts to overcome the blockade."

Then castle warn every the skies army, "If you execute not offer up her leader, you will certainly all take it time a lengthy time to die." Then among the Grounders points come Bellamy and says, "Bellamy, choose the next that"s best for her people."

Which side will certainly Bellamy choose? To recognize more, clock The 100 season 3 episode 8 that airs top top 10 March at 9pm EST ~ above The CW.