Jenelle’s 2nd son, Kaiser, is born. Leah discovers the Corey wants stayinfiji.complete custody that the girls. Kailyn it s okay emotional once Isaac pipeline for summer visitation v Jo. Adam’s ex reenters the picture, shocking Chelsea.

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Leah and also Corey face each other in court. Kailyn and also Javi readjust to life there is no Isaac. Chelsea deals with another of Adam’s arrests. Jenelle make the efforts to construct a household for both Jace and Kaiser.

Jenelle philosophies Barbara about gaining custody the Jace. Kailyn is reunited with Isaac but gets offended when Jo brings up a perceptible subject. Chelsea tries to relocate on romantically as Adam goes to jail.

Kailyn and Javi target heads as soon as she makes plans through her friends, Jenelle desires custody that Jace, Chelsea gets bad news native Adam"s lawyer, and Leah faces Corey in court.

Leah is anxious about the results of her drug test, Chelsea bonds v an unlikely ally, Kailyn and Javi air the end their issues, and also Nathan plan a surprised for Jenelle in St. Thomas.

Corey asks Leah for an ext time with the girls, Jenelle and also Nathan fight a new roadbloack, Chelsea think Adam is abusing his visitation rights, and also Kailyn and also Javi go to therapy.
Chelsea worries about Aubree"s behavior, Javi and Kailyn discuss their future together, Corey confronts Leah around her parenting, and also Jenelle ultimately gets to check out Jace.
Leah makes a decision around Corey"s offer, Jenelle lashes out at her mother over custody that Jace, Kailyn"s marital issues influence her girls" trip, and Chelsea learns of Adam"s lies in court.
Jenelle and Nathan pertained to a crossroads, Kailyn has serious doubts about her marriage, Leah battles with Jeremy"s prolonged absence, and Chelsea arranges a meetup v Adam"s ex Taylor.
Nathan is arrested after a fight v Jenelle, Jo and also Vee share huge news front of Kailyn"s birthday, Chelsea top to court, and also Leah considers expert treatment for her health.
Chelsea and also Cole take it a large step together, Leah asks because that Corey"s help, Kailyn and also Javi welstayinfiji.come Jo stayinfiji.come the neighborhood, and also Jenelle make the efforts to conserve her relationship.
Leah finalizes her divorce, Chelsea manages Aubree"s expectations v Cole, Kailyn considers settling out of court v Jo, and Barbara and also Jenelle satisfy to discuss custody that Jace.
Leah"s girls struggle with your mom"s absence, Kailyn is disappointed v Jo"s behavior, Jenelle and also Nathan reach a brand-new low, and also Chelsea fear Adam"s actions is affecting Aubree.
Cole move in with Chelsea, Kailyn says with Jo over child support, Leah tries to do a new start, and Jenelle struggles to co-parent with Nathan.
Kailyn and Jo reveal some surprising news around their son support battle. Jenelle"s deep concerns with Nathan ultimately erupt and an explosive discussion with Barbara sends her storming turn off stage. Hosted by Dr. Drew.
Chelsea dismisses Adam’s argument to get an ext time with Aubree and Adam reveals his true feelings around Cole. Leah opens up up about her treatment and also hashes points out v Corey and also Miranda.
Teen mom 2 is stayinfiji.coming ago for an all new season, but before fans reunite through Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle and Kailyn, we"ll take it a look earlier at your stories.
Nathan threatens Jenelle v felony charges. Leah it s okay sad news around Ali while waiting to hear if she’ll shed custody that the twins. Kailyn tries stayinfiji.come rebuild her connection with Jo however hurts things with Javi.
Kick off the season in a large way with a live aftershow, featuring surprise guests, instant reactions, live interactions with fans at home, and also teases of what stayinfiji.come look forward to the rest of the season.
When Nathan bring away Kaiser on an unforeseen trip, Jenelle tries to charge him through kidnapping. Leah anxiously awaits word native the court however Corey receives the verdict of their custody case.
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