After Camryn"s water breaks and she"s unable to feel her baby move, she panics, and also her physician decides she needs an emergency C-section.

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A few weeks ~ filming, Camryn offers an upgrade on she living situation, connection status and also baby Sadie, and also reflects top top the hardships of providing birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the aftermath of Nate vandalizing her car, Kash gets sage advice from she grandma around what to execute next.

Kash opens up up around her brand-new military plans due to the fact that filming, her evolving connection with Nate and who will treatment for she daughter Nova if she is away.

Kali"s parents problem Kali and Auston are too codependent to treatment for their child Bodhi and decide the pair should live apart.

Kali opens up around co-parenting with Auston, she experiences as a mom, finishing high school, living v postpartum depression and also more.
Selena talks about her life through her infant Dareli in Colorado, describes the link she has with she older brother and shares advice for various other teen moms.
Shelby shares an upgrade on her partnership with Alaya"s dad, whether she"s met Alaya"s sister, she family"s unwavering support and her plans because that the future.
Kyla provides advice based on her suffer as a young mom, describes her boy Kasen"s personality, list her favorite things around being a mom and shares her really hopes for Kasen"s future.
Abygail gives an upgrade on her baby Ava-Rose, defines why she i graduated high school early, shares her advice because that moms v anxiety and also talks about how Adrian is embracing fatherhood.
Taylor provides a wellness update on her son Monty, describes her existing relationships v Armani and Desmond, supplies her view on young motherhood and also more.
Join host Ken Jeong and also celebrities choose Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim come stand v the AAPI community with See us Unite because that Change, Friday at 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco go his ideal to learn the essential names for the 2019 VMAs prior to he hosts on august 26, but he"s got a long method to go.

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REVOLUTIONARY: Sean Daley calls in throughout our live stream to remember Prince his many heartfelt way.