We have lyrics because that "Take A load Off Annie" by this artists:The Band ns pulled right into Nazareth, ns was feelin" about half past…We have actually lyrics for these monitor by The Marshall Tucker Band:01 remain In The nation I remember long earlier when i was just a boyRaised…02 Hillbilly band Gatta get home prior to the sunlight goes downGatta go listen…02 Searchin" because that a Rainbow ns rode into town today... In my mind, i said…03 Fire ~ above The hill Took my household away from our Carolina homeHad dreams about…03 Searchin" because that a Rainbow ns rode into town today... In my mind, i said…04 Heard the In A Love track I ain"t never ever been through a woman long enough, for…04 Hillbilly tape Gatta obtain home prior to the sun goes downGatta walk listen…07 mine Jesus called me so ns guess I"m traveling, my critical mileDon"t feeling like, I"ve…08 quiet the Wind Blows driver I got some money in my pocketI got some time…08 Long tough Ride (Instrumental)…09 try one an ext time my glass is empty, however innocentlyJust sittin below thinkin …24 hrs at a Time I"ve to be down approximately Houston,TexasWhere the sunlight shines mos…A brand-new Life Hey, mister, got a road map?I"m kinda lostGotta gain to…AB If I die at 23Won"t you bury meIn the sunshine?Please…Am ns the type of male Am i the sort of manThat resides by his heartWho…And the Hills Jennie Dances in ~ a café under the roadWe litter her…Answer come Love Toy CaldwellDoes anybody below know the answer to loveI…Anyway The Wind Blows driver I acquired some money in mine pocketI gained some time…Asking Too lot of You asking TOO much OF YOU(Toy Caldwell)If ns ask you to…Blue Ridge hill Sky It"s a lonesome roadAnd a hard method to liveBut it"s…Bob away My Blues fine I"m goin" under to the riverI"ve got a canepole…Bound and also Determined Toy CaldwellWell she"s bound and also determinedTo do a f…Can"t You view I"m gonna take it a freight train, under at the stationI…Can"t girlfriend see? I"m gonna take a freight train, under at the stationI…Carolina Sunset i love a Carolina sunsetThat"s one thing a guy will…Cattle journey Hired me top top a greenhornFmaj7Didn"t understand a rope native a…Change Is Gonna Come change IS GONNA COME(Tommy Caldwell)There to be a time ns dr…Country roadway Working out my time, on the ol" ar RoadSo much…Desert Skies well I"m ridin" alongSingin" the exact same ol" cowboy songThat"…Down us Go She stated that she were leavin"And the was yesterdayShe pa…Dream Lover DREAM LOVER(Jerry Eubanks, George McCorkle)Was a time whe…Driving You the end Of mine Mind happen your house today and also saw girlfriend weren"t at homeIt"s…Even A Fool would certainly Let walk It"s funny exactly how love goes"Cause I know this will certainly never…Everybody requirements Somebody EVERYBODY requirements SOMEBODY(Jerry Eubanks, Doug Gray, George M…Everyday Lord, everyday, everydayEveryday, everyday I song the blue…Fire on the hill Took my family away from our Carolina homeHad dreams about…Fly Eagle Fly ns can"t imagine just how the world would beNot come see…Fly like an Eagle I"m gonna take me a journey on a riverboatDown to…Good "Ole Hurtin" tune This ole beer gut I obtained don?t acquire no smallerIf…Have yourself A Merry little C have actually yourself a merry small ChristmasLet her heart be li…Heard that in a Love track I ain"t never been with a woman long enough, for…Heartbroke who wouldn"t notic the fire in her eyesOr the…Hillbilly band Gatta acquire home prior to the sunlight goes downGatta go listen…Holding on to You I"ve taste sourAnd I"ve tasted sweetSeen bitterness days draw…How deserve to I sluggish Down CaldwellI just run "round favor a foolStay in problem a…I mine glass is empty, yet innocentlyJust sittin below thinkin …I Should have actually Never began Lovin" girlfriend There"s other in your eyes that reminds meOf all the…I"ll Be loving You as soon as the morning sunMelts the morning dewI"ll be loving yo…If I can See you One more Time mr I"ve always been a drifter, seems choose I was…If the Isn"t Love Waited by the phoneCan girlfriend tell me please, tell me…In mine Own way I understand that sometimesYou think i don"t love youBut I…It take away Time when you"re feeling down and also lowAnd friend don"t recognize which…Jingle Bells solder bells, jingle bells, jingle all the wayOh, what fun…Keeps Me from every Wrong EverybodyListen to meI can"t rememberWhere i went wron…Last the The singing Cowboys In the corner of dark bar roomSat one ole" cowboy…Let the Snow! Let it Snow! Let that Snow! five the weather external is frightfulBut the fire is so…Life in a track What provides two human being together indigenous the startIn love with…Long hard Ride (Instrumental)…Losing You i told girlfriend once and also I told girlfriend twiceAnd I…Love Is a secret LOVE IS A MYSTERY(Toy Caldwell)Yes, I"ll answer her ques…Low Down means She said that she to be leavin"And the was yesterdayShe pa…Melody Ann numerous a time ns feel so lonesomeMany a job I"ve…Merry Christmas Baby have yourself a merry little ChristmasLet your heart be lig…Mr. President We"ve taken every you"ve givenBut it"s gettin" difficult to make…My Jesus said Me So i guess I"m traveling, my critical mileDon"t feel like, I"ve…Never to trust a Stranger we were riding with the flatlandsWe were trying to find t…Now She"s gone I had actually a lady...I believed was therefore fineI knew she…Property Line fine my idea the a good timeIs walkin" my property…ramblin I"ve got ramblin",Ramblin" on mine mind, Lord.Gotta uncover me …Running favor The Wind ns say, how have the right to you sayWhere I"ll it is in from day…Searchin i rode right into town today...

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In my mind, ns said…See You later on I"ve been thinkin" about the method you"ve been doin" me,…See friend One more Time mr I"ve always been a drifter, seems choose I was…Silent Night silent night, divine nightAll is calm, all is bright"Round…Silverado as a young man I was increased by men of…Singing Rhymes to sing RHYMES(Toy Caldwell)Lord the seems, my totality life…Stay in the country I mental long ago when i was just a boyRaised…Take the Highway take it the highwayLord to know I"ve to be gone also long…Tell It come the adversary I can"t was standing to watch a get an impression manHit a little…Texas on my Mind ns can"t think this time I"m leavingAll follow me you"d thoug…The Ol" Cowboy fine I"m sittin" down in mountain Anton"Waiting on an eight…The Thrill Is gone The thrill is goneThe thrill is unable to do awayThe thrill is…This "Ol Cowboy fine I"m sittin" under in san Anton"Waiting on one eight…Time Don"t happen by below Last night i dreamed i laid me down and also diedAnd…Too Stubborn (1)You claimed you loved me,Don"t know why I thought you"d…Try One more Time my glass is empty, but innocentlyJust sittin below thinkin …Virginia ns met Virginia 2 summers agoUp in them hills teaching…Walkin" and also Talkin" I"m standin here Lord, ain"t got a coin to my…Walkin" the highways Alone I"m singin" a song "cause I"m in miserySick and also tired…Where A country Boy belong I just threw my party at the jukeboxGot tired of…White Christmas I"m dreaming that a white ChristmasJust choose the persons I…Windy City Blues I"m sittin" in Chicago top top the thirtieth floorLookin" down…You Ain"t Foolin" Me tried to keep me wonderin"All the timeDidn"t think i knew,…You Don"t Live Forever I had actually a loverPrettiest thing I ever before seenJust like all…You to speak You Love Me You say you love meI don"t know, ns wonder whyYou,…The text can generally be discovered in the comments below, by filtering for lyric videos or searching the comment in the various videos below.