T.I. | size : 04:35

Writer: Clifford Harris, Samuel Jean, Gabrielle Nowee, Lamar Edwards

Composer: Clifford Harris, Samuel Jean, Gabrielle Nowee, Lamar Edwards

All mine life all I want to perform was it is in greatIf the stakes space everything, you"ll tell you yourself anything you have to hear to surviveEverything i say is the truth and also that"s a lieAnd that"s the motherfucking truthHmm, remember every I ever wanted was a yellow chain and a ride worth 400 plusRevenge paid to anybody who dishonor usI"m sensei come them young niggas under usBeen a made man, look what i done made, man is friend kiddin"?When catch nigga necessary a way, who did it?Every track I offered you had some fact in itGivin" girlfriend the pudding, look at it, the evidence in itWent from servin" junkies in hoopties to new BentleyThese suckas just be jumpin" through hoops and also they too friendlyThat"s why ns don"t politic they saidThey every cool it simply that ns don"t posesthe wit" nigga muchThe chain numbers ain"t no require for united state to store in touchWe want fame and also we"ll it is in tryna fight them niggas upI"m was standing off, i swear ns walk in rooms, be listenin" come y"all talkin"See that you ain"t talkin" "bout shit and I begin walkin"Hey, cause I ain"t below to rubbish timeDon"t wanna put energy in no lame niggaI don"t want no lame nigga takin" mineBut you wanna ball, I might show you howYou choose a broad? I can teach you just how to turn her outShow you just how to purchase "em low and sell "em highBut don"t assume that it"s all that I recognize aboutA made me, a D and D, that"s while ns raise kidI gained married and also fucked that up, the what call didMarriage counselor phone call me emphasis on what the pains didTo liven focusin", tryna perform what Jay and also Dame didI"m on a path, I gained a purpose, to with a destinationAnd one of two people you helpin" me gain to it or friend in the wayHope lock wasn"t lyin" once they stated it all comes back around, babyStuck increase here, tryin" come let friend go yet it"s such a long way downBut if it"s quiet a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, fine I"m still breathin"If there"s other I can say prior to you complete leavin"And if every little thing still happens because that a reasonMaybe girlfriend come ago around just like the seasonsLike the seasonsI"m therefore extreme, never ever been a man of moderationSee, subtlety just ain"t mine cup of teaDon"t want my grass green, I desire the lobby decoratedAnd last point I need somebody sayin" I never ever make itDon"t give a damn, friend can capture me through whoever nakedStill some develops of disrespect, i ain"t gon" never ever take itEven with my vocabulary, can"t define itI"m i m really sorry what you assumed I was, I simply ain"t thereGet it why girlfriend say i ain"t shit, big will store rollin" thoughHoldin" up the block, doin" such and also such through so and also soQue sera, seraCure it through a hundred million party prefer it"s Marti GrasGot some negative Latino wit" me, they some laddi daddi dasSee, you said they be hatin", ns say send "em mine regardsBury the under T and A, I speak to that R&RTryna acquire some stripes top top me, that"s how you begin a warI been practicin" my reaction to niggas come with stupid shitFuck out my face, man, the conversation over withDone talkin"How to be that, was that good, because that real?Hope castle wasn"t lyin" as soon as they said it every comes earlier around, babyStuck increase here and tryin" to let girlfriend go but it"s such a long way downBut if it"s quiet a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, fine I"m quiet breathin"If there"s something I can say before you end up leavin"And if whatever still happens for a reasonMaybe friend come earlier around just like the seasonsLike the seasonsI"m no promisin" to it is in perfect but I"ll try my ideal to it is in greatThis ain"t no game, this a mommy fuckin" trapThis ain"t no game, this a mommy fuckin" trap