Great concept.. Ns love upper and lower reversal flops but hate wearing them in ~ the beach.... Can"t wait to purchase

Cody Fox

Great for civilization who acquire swollen feet on holiday and sandals climate don"t fit or are really uncomfortable. Also for usage in hospitals.

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Debbie Adams

Genius idea. I would acquisition them. No an ext scraps or cuts on my feet and also I don"t require pesky shoes. I"m every in.

Brandi J. Bridges

Why have to You consider Buying For remarkable Benefits?

your mental wellness plays a crucial role in your daily life. From how one thinks, feel to transaction up with stress, anxiety, overcoming chall...

How go Walking improve Your mental Health?

If friend jog or carry out cardio regularly, among your main objectives is to enhance your overall fitness and also physical wellbeing. What you might n...


Is go barefoot good for you and why?

also though we have come to look in ~ them together a far-reaching aspect of our lives, just 20 percent the the earth's residents in the existing day undertake ...

November 15th, 2018 – Shipments

to ~ friends, backers, and also community. In the next days and in the next weeks, depending on the places, every deliveries will be completed. We k...

July 2018 – Shipments

dear Friends, Backers and Community We finally confirm the fulfillment the the kickstarter project shipment, moving L’originale. It has actually ...

June 2018 announces the start of the product and also the distribution campaign, transferring the “reward” to all Kickstarter pendant simultane...

January 2018

plenty of newspapers all over the human being talk about v articles and also videos that have come to be viral on the web, obtaining millions of views. ...

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July 2017

The story that begins. Kickstarter campaign is launched, and it outcomes with massive success! it collects over € 300,000 thanks to an ext than ... firm SRLVia Canova 12 – 20145 Milano – ItalyTel. +39 02 3453 8446P.IVA/C.F.: 10046310966Numero di REA: MI – 2501387Sede amministrativa: Via Canova 12, 20145, MilanoSede legale: Via Aurelio Saffi 34, 20123, MilanoCapitale sociale: Euro 60.000,00 (interamente sottoscritto e versato)info

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