Saint-Gervais et Saint-Protais Church in the Marais ar of Paris, constructed in 1212, is built on a site that has actually been a place of worship because the 4th century. Generally referred to together Saint-Gervais (for short), the church is committed to twin martyrs who were murdered in Milan throughout Nero’s reign.

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Style that the Architecture

The church consists of a variety of architectural styles as result of being built, rebuilt and enlarged upon end the centuries. When the church was rebuilt in 1494 come accommodate development of the parish, the bell tower was encompassed by the church. Perceived from the front, it shows up to it is in a an extremely classical layout of architecture but native behind the starts of the church in its Gothic style end up being evident.

Organ and also the Couperin Brothers

Louis and François Couperin, French Baroque composers and also performer the the 1600s, performed on this same body organ seen and also heard in this video. Both brothers offered as organists in ~ the church.

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Saint-Gervais Chapels

The chapels have contemporary frescos by Gigoux, Neim and also others which represent Biblical scenes. However, it is the stained glass in churches that always speaks to me. Only two that the initial stained glass remain yet that does not diminish the beauty of the present windows.

Saint-Gervais Nave

Saint-Gervais Nave

The exceptionally tall nave is especially soars come 75 meters (246 feet). Irradiate floods in with the windows offering a spectacular screen of color.

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For every its beauty, beauty Saint Gervais does have actually a sad story in that past. On great Friday in 1918 a German covering hit the church. In worship at the time, 200 world suffered injuries and also another 50 lost their lives.

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The church is located behind (to the east) the the Hôtel de Ville on rue François Miron and can it is in accessed via the Hôtel de Ville subway stop.