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You can't win them all. Realize you're not alone in ~ failure. Do a playlist around losers and failing. We have actually a lengthy list that pop, rock, and also country songs.Then get earlier out over there and try again! You'll it is in a winner before long.

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Just because You fail Doesn't (Always) mean You're a Failure

Winners room losers who find out from your experience. Castle stick it the end and shot again.

We've all been losers on part level whether small or epic. It's okay. Few of the most prominent and successful world are recovering losers:

J.K. Rowling was as soon as on the verge the homelessness as an unemployed solitary mother.Michael Jordan missed an ext than 9,000 shots in his basketball career.Steven Spielberg to be rejected native the college of his choice three times.Vincent van Gogh sold only one paint in his lifetime.Actress Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to seven men. Axl Rose's marital relationship to Erin Everly lasted only 26 days. No Taylor nor Rose uncovered long lasting marriages.Soap opera actress Susan Lucci was nominated 18 times for a Daytime Emmy and also lost every time. Then, she won on she 19th nomination. Whew!

If you're feeling prefer a loser in love, academics, business, or one more area the life, please provide yourself a break. Just because you have failed doesn't average you're a failure. Do a playlist around losers and failing and realize you're no alone. We have actually a long list that pop, rock, and also country songs. Climate get back out there and try again!

Reader's Perspective

1. "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

If you've had one the those important rotten days, then this global pop hit from 2005 captures the emotion well. The magic feeling lost, the sky is gray, your passion has dissipated. The song was used as an elimination track for American Idol contestants which probably made losing feel also worse.

So you had actually a negative day. Come earlier fighting morning and shot again.

2. "The Winner Takes the All" by ABBA

Feeling beat after a separation that she didn't seek, the broken-hearted protagonist in this 1980 pop song feels prefer she has lost everything. The song was written by one ABBA member after ~ divorcing another and became an international hit because that the sweden group.

3. "In the End" by Linkin Park

This 2000 rock track is a talk about the futility of do the efforts to do a relationship work when both partners aren't support invested. In such case, it doesn't issue how hard you try to pressure it. It simply ain't happenin'.

The narrator realizes the brevity of life and also the value of time. Don't waste that on those that don't return her affections.

4. "Fought the Law" by The Clash

The poor sorry sucker in this 1979 rock track was low on cash therefore he committed equipped robbery. Sadly because that him, he wasn't very good at it, so now he's top top a behind-bars vacation, functioning the chain gang. You have the right to hear him singing, "I battled the law, and the regulation won."

The 1965 version of this song by the Bobby Fuller four was called by Rolling Stone as one of The 500 greatest Songs of all Time.

5. "Best of Intentions" by Travis Tritt

The negative fella in this woe-is-me country love song from 2000 want to provide his lady the world. He had big plans for a huge house and all the dreams that come with it. However, none of the materialized, so all he has left to provide her is an apology the he truly intended to make great on his promises.

Tell Us exactly how You Bounced earlier from fail in the Comments section Below.

6. "Loser" through Beck

The man in this 1992 alternate rock song combines self-denigration ("I'm a loser") and also a lot of nonsense lyrics to express short self-image and not acquisition yourself seriously. It became an anthem for Gen Xers who were alienated from mass culture during the beforehand 1990s. They were labeled slackers and also called cynical. Yeah, whatever.

7. "Loser" through 3 Doors Down

This 2000 graph topping rock tune was written about one of the band members' childhood friend who came to be addicted come drugs. The protagonist in the track realizes that he is taking life-threatening risks, and he feels prefer a loser through no alternative. Realize, however, that there is always help, always an alternative for a healthier, more happiness life.

8. "Lonesome Loser" by little River Band

This attractive 1979 rock track is the tale of an unlucky gambler, a habitual loser in the three gamings of cards, love, and also life. The narrator tries to lend him some advice, but it will most likely ring as hollow together the gambler's north pockets:

Sit down, take it a look at yourselfDon't you want to be somebody?Someday somebody's gonna check out insideYou have to challenge up, girlfriend can't run and also hide.


"We are all failures ... At least the finest of us are." - J.M. Barrie, Scottish writer

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9. "Loser of the Year" by basic Plan

Living in the quick lane, the protagonist in this 2011 pop song is rubbing elbows through celebrities. He's ~ above the verge of make it large and is the speak of the town. He has rich and also pretty friends and also expensive bling, but it all method nothing without the love of his life by his side. Without her, he feels choose the loser of the year.

10. "Poor bad Pitiful Me" by Terri Clark

Terri Clark dusted turn off this old Linda Ronstadt fight in 1996. It's a woe-is-me tune about a woman who is down on she luck in both love and also life and is feeling really sorry for herself.

11. "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

The protagonist in this 1978 nation ditty speak the story about meeting a gambler that trades him some whiskey because that life advice around knowing once to give up. The gambler dispenses this golden nugget of wisdom:

You've acquired to know when to organize 'emKnow once to fold 'emKnow when to go awayAnd recognize when come run.

12. "Loser" by conserving Jane

Have you ever seen an ex-lover and thought, "Whew, what happened to them? lock look awful!" That's the reaction of the woman in this 2007 absent song. By selling her engagement ring for cash and also ditching her ex-boyfriend, she currently realizes that she has dodged a bullet. He's a liar, a user, a residential abuser, and yes, a LOSER. Time can give you a small perspective.

13. "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley

Although Nickelback re-recorded this track in 2016, Don Henley from The Eagles was an initial to perform it in 1982, and also that was long prior to we had actually 24-hour news cycles filled with ugly, sensational "breaking news" to fear the crap out of you.

This rock track laments tabloid-style reporting of an adverse stories that take advantage of people losing. Civilization lose your homes, their reputations, their health, their lives, etc. And we simply watch it all in brief sound bites on the night news. That is yes, really the loser?

14. "Loser" by Limp Bizkit

If you've ever been in a relationship with who who brought out the worst in you, climate this 2011 rock track will remind you of them. The narrator calls himself a loser since his companion feels like losing is every he's done due to the fact that he met her. He puts up v abuse, dwells top top the past, and also tolerates her constantly pushing his buttons.

The partners lug out the worst in one another, and also the guy simply wants regulate of his life back. Life is too quick for a shedding relationship choose this:

I'm a loser; yes, it's trueFeels favor I am losing since I met youThrough the great times and the badFeels like I'm losing all I ever had.

15. "Only Happy when It Rains" by Garbage

There's among these in every crowd. It's no you, is it?

This ironically upbeat rock track from 1995 features a an unfavorable Nellie narrator who admits that she's just happy as soon as it rains, things are complicated, and all is going wrong, She relishes bad news and also invites you come "pour your misery down on me." Sounds like one helluva catch, this gal.

16. "Luckiest Loser" by Bowling for Soup

When his ideal friend due to the fact that junior high stole his girlfried, the man in this rock 2006 song responded that they worthy one another. Feeling betrayed, he dishes an innovative insults to both of them yet claims moral superiority by saying that he is the luckiest loser.

17. "The Sound of Failure" by The Flaming Lips

Anyone that suffers from a severe health condition knows the the advice to "stay positive" deserve to grate on your nerves quite than bring comfort. (Stop saying the to people whose bodies room betraying them!)

This sad 2006 alternative rock tune explains a young woman's friend who is dying. Her body is failing her, and she can neither prevent the process nor placed on cheery airs if fakeness surrounding her. The civilization may it is in giddy, however she can not pretend. The sound of fail is despair.


"There is no failure other than in no longer trying." - Christ Bradford, brother children's writer

SSG Robert Stewart via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

18. "I'm a Loser" through The Beatles

The bad guy in this 1964 early on rock song feels favor an utter failure because he has lost the girl he loves. He's feeling sorry for himself and seeks to offer advice to rather so lock don't become losers prefer him.

19. "Dammit" by Blink-182

Taking one introspective look in ~ a break-up, the guy in this 1997 rock song says he won't host it versus his girlfriend for leaving him. His life is falling apart right now, however he'll lean on a friend for support and imagines the this connection failure is just another part of growing up. However, he warns her that later on when she regrets their break-up, it'll it is in her that will must lean on a friend for support.

20. "Criminal" by Britney Spears

Ever remained in love with a loser? Britney Spears has, and we're not just talking around those couple of years through back-up dancer Kevin Federline. In this 2011 pop song, she portrays a mrs in love v a hustler, a liar, a bad boy.

She confesses to her mama that their attraction isn't rational however instead is purely physical. She overlooks his tainted heart and also his background as a killer. What's really criminal, however, is she decision making. Wise up, girlfriend!


"It's fail that gives you the proper perspective ~ above success." - Ellen DeGeneres, American comedienne

Francesca Dioni via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modification by FlourishAnyway

Even more Songs about Losers, Failing, and Failure

Do you recognize a song about losing or failure that have to be top top this playlist? Leave united state a tip in the Comments section below.

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SongArtistYear Released

21. Failure

break Benjamin


22. Love will certainly Tear united state Apart

Joy Division


23. Loser choose Me

Glee Cast


24. Beautiful Loser

Bob Seger


25. Ns Am A Loser

Michael Jackson


26. I'm A an excellent Loser

Merle Haggard


27. Failure by architecture

Brand New


28. Failing



29. 3 Time Loser

David Allan Coe


30. Creep



31.Three Time Loser

Dan Seals


32. The Loser

Hank Williams Jr.


33. One of These things First

Nick Drake


34. Speak Something

A an excellent Big World


35. You success I win We Lose

Kenny Chesney


36. Winning

Keith Urban


37. Who's the Man

Toby Keith


38. Someone Else's Star

Bryan White


39. Diary



40. Brother, deserve to You preventive a Dime?

George Michael


41. MIdnight Train come Georgia

Gladys Night and the Pips


42. She's Kinda Hot

5 seconds of Summer


43. The children Aren't Alright

The Offspring


44. The Losers

Warrior Soul


45. Crushin' It

Brad Paisley


Questions & Answers

Question: how do you understand if you’re a fail or a loser?

Answer: Nobody deserve to win every the time. Failing or shedding at certain activities wake up to united state all. However, generally, it's how you it is adapted to failures that determines even if it is YOU room a failure or loser.

The an ext of the following characteristics you have, the much more likely you are to it is in a LOSER or FAILURE:

1) friend shirk personal accountability: blaming the victim, happen the buck, pointing the finger, denying troubles exists.