Soleil Moon Frye enjoyed a carefree childhood while certification on Punky Brewster in the 1980s, yet everything adjusted for her when the display concluded and also puberty hit.

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"As a kid growing up, I had actually such an tremendous life and also family bordering me, climate I began developing, and developing rapidly," the actress speak EW. "I was going v puberty and also it to be this fascinating thing because so many people looked at me favor I was this little girl, and also as i started occurring I was treated much an ext like one adult. It really felt choose I to be thrust into early on adulthood."

Frye, currently 44, takes a frank and revealing look ago at her ups and also downs as a young Hollywood star in the brand-new documentary Kid 90 (streaming Friday top top Hulu), featuring personal videos, diaries, and voicemail messages. In the to exclude, clip above, Frye opens up up around dealing with the rarely medical condition gigantomastia, which reasons excessive breast growth, and also how it readjusted the method she was perceived in the to chat industry.

"People cure me differently," Frye says. "Men would certainly look at me in a different way, and also they'd stare at mine boobs. Human being would speak to me 'Punky Boobster.' It was so hard since I've always embraced Punky so much, she's such a component of mine heart. So frequently it feeling like civilization don't desire to view that kid thrive up. I think about this today and how relevant this conversation tho is together young people are struggling while going v puberty."


Hulu Jonathan Brandis and also Soleil Moon Frye

Kid 90 also reminds viewers of countless actors who room no longer with us, including Jonathan Brandis, Andrew Dorff, and Kids stars Justin Pierce and also Harold Hunter. Both Brandis and also Pierce died by suicide.

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"I'm still for this reason close to Jonathan's parents, who love him v all their hearts," Frye says. "They're so amazing. Us spoke around . Even though he had actually so lot love around him, he to be still struggling. The can take place to anyone anywhere in the world. I think there to be a most pain under the surface ar for for this reason many civilization that ns didn't check out at the time yet now I have the right to in hindsight, spring back 20 years later. We should have more conversations around suicide prevention and mental health and wellness awareness all over the world. This isn't just a Hollywood issue."

It's clear the the storage weren't all pleasant, however Frye viewed countless hours of video clip and check out stacks of diaries to lug Kid 90 come life, and she promises there's a lot an ext where that come from.

"I have hundreds of hrs of footage that I would love to proceed making numerous these documentaries," she says. "So lot more."