pertaining come a gland the secretes outwardly with excretory ducts to the surface ar of an body organ or tissue or right into a vessel
circular muscle constricting an orifice, such together the pyloric sphincter roughly the opened of the stomach into the duodenum
small flap of cartilage the folds back to sheathe the trachea during swallowing preventing food native entering the lungs and also forcing it to get in the esophagus. At all other times, it stays upright, permitting air to go into respiratory structures.

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macroscopic longitudinal folds discovered in the mucous membranes of the inner lining the the stomach. Unfold as the stomach fills. Contain cradle glands which develop HCL and also other enzymes necessary for digestion.
progressive, wavelike movement that occurs involuntarily in hole tubes the the body, especially the GI tract, that moves building materials along.
sphincter muscle at the terminal finish of the tiny intestine which join the ileum come the cecum of the large intestine
pouchlike framework located listed below the ileocecal. An initial part that the huge intestine, merges with the colon.
ascending, transverse, descending, and also sigmoid portions. Role is to absorb water and also minerals and also eliminate undigested materials.
dentist that specializes in correcting and also preventing irregularities of abnormally positioned or set teeth
creation of one opening between the ileum and also the abdominal wall. Create an opening on the surface of the abdomen to allow feces to it is in discharged into a bag worn ~ above the abdomen
creation of an opening in between the colon and the ab wall. Create a location for fecal matter to leave the body various other than with the anus. Fecal matter diverted to colostomy bag.
enlargement of the liver, typically a sign of disease. May be brought about by hepatitis or infection, fatty infiltration (as in alcoholism), biliary obstruction, or malignancy.
gallstone. Solid build-up of bile and cholesterol that type in the gallbladder and also common bile duct
loss the appetite. Can an outcome from various conditions, such as adverse effects of medicine or various physical or psychological causes.

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passage the fat in large amounts in the feces due to failure come digest and also absorb it. May occur in pancreatic an illness when pancreatic enzymes room not sufficient. Also occurs in malabsorption syndrome.