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There to be a time as soon as navel piercings to be as well-known as iPhones, thanks to the dream girls of the beforehand ‘90s and ‘00s.

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The optimal enablers the every girl’s descent right into navel piercing obsession can be traced to the likes that Britney Spears and also Christina Aguilera, who envy-inducing midriffs came to be a clip of MTV entertainment.

Almost two years later, the trend has actually waned. But is slowly getting its shine back thanks to Gen Z saviors together as billie Eilish and also Normani, both proving the navel piercings are not however dead.

And it’s time because that The Sims 4 to record up through this gorgeous CC!

10. Belly button Piercing


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It’s no an enig that belly button piercings look ideal with abs – a fitness goal that most of us have attempted come commit to, until we crave the greasy quality of a burger and also fries in ~ McDonald’s.

But because The Sims 4 is programmed to be an unrealistic enjoy of our miserable reality, your center can gain that six-pack fantasy in just under 10 minute of gameplay!

So start prepping your sim now, and also have that core burn in agony to fully enjoy this bent barbell item from S-Club.

9. Venus Skin v Navel Piercing


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I’ve never given much fist or care to belly buttons, other than finding out why we even have them in the an initial place (mostly this thoughts room from mine 4th-grade scientific research lesson).

That’s why that never occurred to me the it’s feasible to make belly buttons shine.

Good points come in pairs, and also this CC pack from Pralinesims proves the to be true.

It includes 4 female human body skin versions and also a straightforward navel piercing to match that natural glow.

8. Daiya ship Piercing


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Who would’ve assumed that a small hole in the middle of our tummies could end up being a bright beacon that sex-appeal?

Even despite it’s simply tiny gemstones popping the end of a ship button, this Daiya belly Piercing native Suzue will have actually you hoarding tops cropped come its shortest length.

Available in 16 colors, this CC stamps a firm reminder that your sim can’t miss out on those everyday sit-ups!

7. Anchor Belly switch Piercing


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Summer is the season the exposed midriffs and also beach bods.

It’s additionally the perfect season to absent a navel piercing without suffering from hypothermia.

This Anchor Belly button Piercing comes v a fluffed bikini, simply to make sure that your Sim’s new belly switch ring is ~ above full screen when friend hit the beach!

With standard colors such together gold, silver, gray, and also black, girlfriend won’t have actually a hard time matching this CC to any type of swimwear (or lack thereof) once summer comes.

6. Zara belly Piercing


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Searching because that navel jewelry CC because that TS4 is like finding a good enough movie to watch on Netflix.

So say thanks to the center gods for CC creator Suzue, they’ve been setup the bar for exactly how these CCs need to be done.

This Zara ship Piercing is your mean curved barbell designed through a 2nd layer the stones come make your belly switch pop out in style.

You’ll likewise be pleased to understand that this CC comes in 5 colors the everyone (from your teenage daughter to your grandma) have the right to enjoy!

5. Tear belly Piercing


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Although ns too much of a coward to gain a ship piercing IRL, I view why it can be a liberating statement.

That’s why numerous teens raced come the nearest tattoo parlor when Britney walk on stage with a Burmese python and also a very noticeable belly button ring.

This CC could not be a replica of the popular music Princess’ iconic piece.

But the tear-shaped jewelry bring the very same sexy effect that can compel friend to operation your sim ragged with daily workouts.

4. Belly Chain and Tummy Ring


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Ignoring the reality that the belly button ring design looks incomprehensible, ns can’t deny that this silver- ensemble is the perfect summer accessory to emphasize a Sim’s ideal assets.

And because that once, those ideal assets space not found from the waist-up, yet from the waist-down.

If you ever before feel prefer your tiny bikini is still lacking in completing your entirety look, then possibly you’re just missing this belly Chain and Tummy Ring combo.

3. Star belly Piercing


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I’m certain that at some suggest in your life, you had a star-shaped earring.

Or a star-shaped pendant, or perhaps a star-shaped charm.

But did you ever have a star-shaped belly button ring? No? i didn’t think so.

Give your sim the gift of great fashion sense with this Star belly Piercing that comes in 14 color to enhance whatever mood you force your sim to be in.

2. Heart belly Piercing


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Surprisingly, this Heart belly Piercing is not as cringey as various other heart-shaped things.

Why would it be, when it functions so damn well together a belly button ring?

With that prismatic coloring and also 9 other swatches, ns curious come see how players will mix and match outfits with this navel accessory.

If you have actually a serious situation of FOMO, I indicate you snag this CC before some other Simmers to win you to it!

1. Duo belly Piercing


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A twin navel piercing not only sounds intense, yet it’s also the type of piercing that’s worth the pain.

Plus, imagine every the cute chop tops you deserve to wear after you obtain a piercing that this size!

Potential CC hauls aside, this Duo belly Piercing from Suzue is also available for males, definition you could pair up with your Sim’s SO and declare them as endgame.

Whatever to plan you have actually in store, this piece of jewelry will be at the facility of the all.


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